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  1. Done! Agreed. Yes please. No they're PAL format so you can't play them in conventional players .You can, however, use a computer to watch or convert them, which is what I did
  2. Hahaha Can I make this my signature? Oh man. Thanks for that reminder...That damn video played like every 30 minutes at the Atlanta gig and I was there all day (same city on the day as the finals if I recall) . I think it brought in half the crowd though, so in that respect I suppose it was successful. In regards to the proshot concerts, I for one would definitely buy them. I would also volunteer to be the cameraman I have taken pictures during the slower songs. I try not to be too obnoxious though. I even warn people around me that I get a little crazy
  3. Jumping off of the crowd etiquette discussion, one could draw parallels to moviegoers who talk and text. The difference here is that concerts are much more expensive and even more time consuming/schedule demanding, especially if you have to travel. So it makes even less sense. As someone pointed out, the 360 stage had its tradeoffs, one being that the barrier types are spread out all around vs a traditional stage. In LV I was right by the barrier in the middle. It was cool to be closer to the band but the whole atmosphere suffered due to the crowd around me. There was only one person near me who was well versed, and he was higher than high and blending all the words haha. A lot of the women just wanted to dance and didn't know what to do when the heavier songs came on. It's been said, but smaller venues might help with this problem.
  4. Words cannot describe my infernal jealousy. I laughed so hard at this and then seeing your sig. Awesome! Thanks!
  5. Question 2: Can I be the director a full length movie whose story is told entirely through your music? Or at least some kind of consultant? Please? I know it probably won't get picked but I have to try! And thank you to JessicaSarahS
  6. Question 1: Muse have a large variety of music videos. Some have more imagery and seem to be taken more seriously than others. How much direction do the band members give for the videos and what is the filming process like? Do you guys enjoy making them in general? Are there any videos that stand out to you (from Muse or others) as well executed? (Any other comments on the subject would be very welcome) Thank you for doing this and acknowledging the forums! Despite what the self doubt and syphilis and the occasional negativity may suggest , we love you! You inspire us and give us hope for a better world.
  7. What did he say introducing the song? All I can make out is "is this the one you wanted" and "been to all our shows"
  8. I lurk a lot but don't post much. Too much negativity,but anyway, believe me when I say thank you Jobby. I think and hope that this is a more effective method. I voted. For what it's worth I do really love the spectacle but I personally would rather take a more intimate show with better crowds. Would it be expensive or impossible to do both? Maybe just sell the small shows to muse.Mu members or something?
  9. Hello Musers! I was originally attending the original san diego show, then I was going to the reschedule, but now I'll be attending tonight's show haha Does anyone have any tips for the show/venue? I've been inside mandalay bay a few times but never to the arena. How early should I arrive to get front row on the floor? EDIT: I am in line right now and it's pretty large so if anyone was thinking of waiting, dont.
  10. Interesting read. Thanks! I cannot put in words how jealous I am. It must have been great for them to play a small show. I know it wasn't a small venue but I mean more of the crowd. Did they seem into it? here's a write up http://www.radio1045.com/pages/wendy.html?feed=373606&article=11641809
  11. Prepare to rage. Citizen Erased was played during this set and a signed guitar was given away https://www.facebook.com/Radio1045
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