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  1. The thing that bothers the most about 'Dig Down' is that all I think of is George Michael's 'Freedom'. I hate when they have songs that have that bit that sounds just like a song somebody else did.
  2. I managed to get PIT tickets. What's odd is that I've been to Jones Beach a countless number of times and never once I've seen the floor with a GA pit. I wonder how big it will be. I only see 2 GA options:
  3. Did anyone get their pre-sale passwords yet? I registered last night, but I never got a confirmation e-mail or text about it.
  4. They could still put the song back on the setlist, but I think it's a matter of picking an alternation of heavy songs, and then not so heavy ones. About 10 years ago they could play 3 or 4 heavy songs in a row. Nowdays they seems to alternate more between heavy and not so heavy ones. Also taking into consideration that some of the hits they've had over the years are not particularly heavy.
  5. mr.jingles


    Drones may not be their best album, but also this year wasn't a very strong one as far as rock goes. I thought Highly Suspect was very solid, and could have deserved it as well. James Bay is definitely more like folk, blues, or soft rock, and I'm not sure why he was put into that category to begin with.
  6. I often wonder if they've dropped Stockholm Syndrome because the song itself is so heavy that it drains them out of energy to complete a show. I know they are still in their 30s and fairly young, but SS is the kind of song that even for an enthusiastic audience member it just milks you dry by the end of it.
  7. One thing I find so oddly peculiar about Matt is that when he talks he sounds like a math geek going on a date who sounds quite nervous trying to establish conversation and impress the girl, and yet once he starts singing and performing he turns into Freddie Mercury.
  8. A friend of my wife who is more a casual Muse fan went to the show. She is actually a hardcore U2 fan, but she pointed out that while Matt and the guys in the band are fairly quiet when addressing the crowd, that still doesn't take anything away from the show. She also said that on the other hand, if you go to a U2 show Bono talks to the crowd a lot, but he can get preachy and condescending whenever he brings socio-political issues on stage. If it came to a matter of picking, I'd much rather have the quiet musician who goes straight to entertaining by playing than listening to the musician who wants to save the world.
  9. He said "This next song is dedicated to our most hardcore fans", he then pointed out to the girls holding the Citizen Erased sign and said "is this the one you wanted?".
  10. I seriously can't believe I FINALLY got the chance to hear 'Citizen Erased' live. I've going to Muse shows for 10 years, this being my 15th show and I always held a bit of hope that someday I'd hear CE live, but I almost gave up hope. It's like going on dozens upon dozens of dates where you never get to kiss a girl. THANK YOU!! AND A MILLION TIMES THANK YOU TO THE GIRLS BY THE BARRIER WHO MADE THEIR CE SIGNS AND I BET THEY WERE THRILLED TO BE ACKNOWLEDGED BY MATT! I actually walked up to them after the show and I thanked them. I'm not sure if they are members of this board, but if you are I just want to say that you guys made my night a truly memorable one.
  11. I'm glad you guys were able to work it out. Feel free to get in contact with me if you need anything.
  12. VIP people are advised to arrive 90 minutes before the show starts, which I guess for us means somewhere around 6:00pm. However, I wonder if they will let us in earlier. I might consider driving there and I don't want to get caught in rush hour traffic.
  13. How early should I arrive if I have a VIP package? Our gig starts at 7:30pm, which by experience with other gigs means that the opening band will go on stage between 7:45-8:30pm, then Muse will go on stage between 9:00 - 9:30pm. Does the VIP package guarantee a reserved spot in GA only for VIP package holders?
  14. Definitely Ronald Reagan National Airport would be the easiest and most convenient since she'd only have to take the Yellow line metro and be there in less than 20 minutes. From Dulles in VA it's a bit more complicated because it would involve walking for half a mile, taking a bus, and then the metro, which would take about 1 hour and a half. From BWI in MD the distance is longer, but it would take less time. A little bit more than an hour. I actually work very close to BWI, so if she arrives in the afternoon I'd have no problem carpooling and taking her to the venue. I also have a VIP package. We'd have to arrive a bit earlier for the exhibit, though.
  15. I'd wait until the very end when the trucks start to pull out. If not maybe wait outside their hotel if you know where they are staying.
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