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Might assemble a sxc jazz tribute.




2x humbuckers, marx black finish, mahogany body, hardtail, dual volume controls... Maybe with an aluminum pick guard (if someone would be so kind to supply one) and roasted maple neck with ebony fretboard.

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Not sure yet. Would have to be custom made most likely.


And I don't know about the black chrome and black anodized parts. Needs more contrast I think. I liked the look of that one Mansons did recently.


I'd keep this one really simple with the electronics. Volume control for each pickup, and I might leave the selector out too.

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Hey guys!

I'm havin a problem and maybe someone can help out.

I modded my Cort MBC-1. Installed a sustainiac and a fuzz factory.

It's all working great except the sustainiac battery is always draining even with the guitar unplugged!

I have both ground cables - from the FF and sustainiac - soldered to the same sleeve on the output stereo jack.

If I disconnect the ground from the FF the sustainiac turns off with the guitar unplugged, as it should.

But the FF doesn't work...

Do you know how I solve this? Do I have to ground the FF somewhere else?

Can someone post a pic of the wiring in their cavity and the output jack please?

Thanks a lot!!


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