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  1. Ah, that's the acoustic Andy built for him a while back right?
  2. Is it this one? Manson MA Special "Copperkroma" 2016 Copperkroma https://applink.reverb.com/item/9931379-manson-ma-special-copperkroma-2016-copperkroma
  3. Do you prefer it to the Hall of Fame, James? I might look for another reverb pedal after I offload the Dispatch Master.
  4. . Looks like the PDF has 3 knobs so I think it's the 1. Muse doing a qotsa cover confirmed?
  5. That sounds like a job for this guy! https://www.stonedeaffx.com/tremotron
  6. That sounds familiar I got a pretty good deal for this one, and the 2 Jnr DC's I have weren't too bad either. Now I need to actually get home to play them James does say that this guitar should feel a lot different from my 2 current DCs though
  7. Haha, that's just the ebay picture. I won't see it in person until next Monday. Really excited for it though
  8. Omg guys I'm dying http://www.rareelectricguitar.com/mobile/goods.php?id=2977
  9. Matthjis, you should buy this https://www.mansons.co.uk/product/pre-owned-manson-e-bass-bolt-on-brown-sunburst-10719
  10. Do you guys know how old this is? I don't think I've seen it before https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F192468353493 EDIT: Also, https://m.aliexpress.com/item/32831356965.html?src=google&albch=shopping&acnt=708-803-3821&isdl=y&albcp=757040619&albag=43596766921&slnk&trgt=90468977554&plac&crea=en32831356965&netw=g&device=m&mtctp&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI7P-EmOCL2gIVi7XACh0RgQ55EAQYASABEgIH8vD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds AHAHAHAHA
  11. I still have the PDF-2 and the cheap Fulltone clone! And all the other stuff I've been talking to you about. So far, I like how it sounds into a 6L6 power amp sim on the Ampli-Firebox. It's not a very versatile pedal though - you cannot get any cleans from it on either channel even on low gain settings. The high gains sound great, but I don't think the knobs are that touch-sensitive. It is a $330 pedal though - a lot cheaper than a Kemper. Channel 2 (4 on the real amp) is more aggressive, whereas channel 1 is tighter. I think Matt only uses channel 4 on his VH4 though? I have no idea what the real amp is like, so that's one less problem I have I paid about $270 for mine - it's a demo unit + Reverb's 15% St. Patrick's Day sale
  12. Btw Bs, I have a VH4-2 coming in the mail tomorrow. Will let you know how it is. Apparently it can handle channels 3 & 4 of the VH4 (instead of just Channel 3 on the original VH4 pedal)
  13. Anyone excited about Arctic Monkeys' upcoming tour? I just snagged pretty good seats for the DC show earlier today
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