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2016.05.05 - Barclaycard Center, Madrid, Spain


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Hi everyone,


I've just moved to Valencia and want to go to Madrid to see Muse - but I don't know how I can get back to Valencia except getting a flight in the morning, and I don't want to be late for work. Does anyone know of a way to get back after - even if it's sharing a lift?



Yo acabo de mudar a Valencia y quiero ir a Madrid para Muse - pero no lo sé volver a Valencia, excepto de un vuelto en la mañana, y no puedo llegar tarde a mi trabajo. sabéis cualquier vía puedo llegar a valencia después el concierto?


Blah Blah Car?!


Thank you/Gracias!!

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Presale started at 10:00, and all was sold out before I could have the operation finished, so for now, I'm unmused.


I feel currently between :LOL: and :eek: heavily spiced with :'(:'(:'(


Will try again on general sale, but it seems we will need another gig date, guys :D


Sorry for the moaning ;)

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I didn't need it for LiveNation. And I got my tickets!! :awesome:

Right now the system is really slow, wonder when the tickets will sold out


Thank you for the tip in your post yesterday. :dance:


Still some available a few minutes ago when I got mine, but I'm in the upper section of level 2 block 15. Only the higher level seats are available right now (56 euros - why so much cheaper than London? :stunned:). Never mind, I've been up in the top level before now - great view but I've had a headache from all the second hand smoke after a while.

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