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  1. hi, i have two ga tickets for sale. 70 pound or best offer. e mail me at imansw@yahoo.com. i can send electronically. thanks!
  2. its impossible they are already playing the common ones, surely we get three relatively rare ones my predictions stockholm citizen erased and maps
  3. fury assassin or microcuts
  4. They are requesting them on face book. Let's do fury assassin and microcuts!!!!
  5. face value is fine 125 obo id rather it isnt wasted
  6. anyone want an GA ticket? i will be at the show i have an extra
  7. i got row 2 seat 25. is that quite central? i saw incubus here and i was quite far away but thought it was an awesome view and sound i almost wonder if I'm too close but i didn't want to give up row 2!
  8. Hi are you selling tickets still? I would love them
  9. Hi are you still selling your madrid tickets? i need two. please respond to the following e mail imansw@yahoo.com



  10. you managed to get tickets to webster hall and mayan? well done, that was tough
  11. HI anyone got an extra ticket in GA? Please message me
  12. i had a great time this weekend at both shows! wish they played stockholm but man i have 4 more shows on this tour. I love Mercy so much now, globalist and new found love for united states of eurasia
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