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  1. I didn't think standing tickets were too badly priced, the 165 seating seemed very steep though. I managed to get 2 arena standing tickets, took me about 6 refreshes after saying i was in a queue, didn't realise how lucky i was to run into no problems until reading through this page!
  2. It's not about "rotation of songs", the energy was terrible, they looked lazy and bored. Basically they just looked like Drones playing through a setlist. But saying that if you really are happy with how Muse are these days, then I'm happy for you.
  3. Not at all, i went to 6 Gigs before download proceeding from 2003 to Download and then London, Prague and Belfast gigs after Download. I'm also heading to Reading festival this year, but i am pretty sure this is going to be the one that tips the scales to never again for me.
  4. Well i dunno, Psycho live totally makes up for it's length, I utterly hate it when muse keep trying to add orchestras to the music, makes it sound so cheesy. I can't see this song being anything other than utterly dull live. The biggest problem is whilst they keep making this horrible music to try and generate new "fans" they are losing more than they are gaining and the crowds at the gigs now are so boring it's beyond belief. I don't really understand why they keep doing it, because even Muse themselves look bored playing live at the moment. They haven't had a decent gig since Download Festival.
  5. I've seen muse 4 times this year, and coldplay once at Wembley. I love Muse and in total I've seen them 9 times!! Coldplay blew them out the water at Wembley this year and this just seems like another lack lustre performance to me Download festival destroyed this! I think Coldplay are going to destroy it again on Sunday! Muse seem to care less and less these days, I thought Glastonbury might re-invigorate them! I was going to go to Bucharest rocks at the end of July but I'm seriously reconsidering -.-
  6. Your answers are far from polite, you just assumed you knew exactly what had happened without actually asking any questions of the situation. So if you want to be an ignorant arsehole then so will I.
  7. Cant believe I missed this either. There is no name on the floor at a gig, not that I noticed anyway, I'm sure I'm free to stand where I want. So what if I get there earlier then go to the bar/toilet? your a douche thinking your more entitled to a spot than I am.
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