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2016.05.05 - Barclaycard Center, Madrid, Spain


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Es la puerta por la que entras, simplemente.


A vale, gracias!



Oh, y otra duda, alguien sabe si van a hacer una mini-tanda de entradas poco antes de los conciertos (algo así como un mes) al igual que hicieron con el de 2012? (Es que sólo tengo entrada para el 5. si existiera la posibilidad de comprar para el 6 más adelante sería una persona muy feliz jajajaja)

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I noticed Muse added a second date in Madrid reading the Newspaper on Internet. The tickets for the first night were sold out in twenty minutes. In two hours, the tickets for second night were sold out too.

I will be working on Thursday and I will travel 350 kilometres to Madrid. So it's better 6th May than 5th. But...It's Muse! I'm happy.

5th May 2016 is already blocked in my agenda!:LOL::p

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An excellent performance from the band and the crowd :D; a pity some of the drones weren't working.


Lots of British Musers in Madrid - we brought the weather with us! :stunned:


Kudos to the shop assistant who saw my #MuseMSF badge and swapped the music on the PA system to Muse.

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