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  1. I really didn't get why people were yelling for Assassin.
  2. I'd probably say blah blah car is your best hope!
  3. I love how they've done the band colour. Could stroll right in with green at 7.30
  4. I like that the coloured wristbands mean you can get back into your part of the queue later. Although I'll probably swan in just before 8.
  5. There's about 80 people here now. It's a sign given I'm unemployed and staying in chalk farm.
  6. How was Arcade Fire Michelle? Was considering to go see them here but at £45 I just can't justify it. I would only probably pay £30+ for The National. Actually considering flying to Dublin to see them the weekend before my 30th birthday. Is this the first BDO you've missed Richard?
  7. When I saw Wicked in London, it was ruined by this guy who had taken his 5 year old kid who kept saying he was bored and kicking the seat. Why the fuck you'd take a kid that age to a show that finishes at 10pm at night I do not know. Also, why you wouldn't let...he just kept telling the kid to shut up. Hope you are now set up in the new place!
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