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2015.09.26 - Singapore Indoor Stadium, Singapore


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Haven't opened my account for a long long time. Waited for MUSE to come to Singapore and they did!! Oh fuck early birthday present for me. Hey SingaporeMUSERS wanna go together? Let's watch together. PM me and I'll send you my number. We'll make a group chat.





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This looks good


I am a backpacker from the UK currently in OZ and intended to be in SE Asia around this time!


Is the Bangkok gig been officially announced yet?


I found this article and nearly chocked when i seen the prices though



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Hello fellow Singamusers,


Myself and a friend will be touring the Asian dates except for China.


We're looking for other crazy people to join us.


If not, let's all go for the Singapore gig together! We can plan to hold a sign asking them to play specific songs (Fury for me) :D


Also, I want to make a WhatsApp group for all of us. If you don't mind, PM me your number and I'll start it!

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does anyone sell Muse ticket in Singapore? September 26th 2015? please let me know if u sell ur ticket.. i need 4 ticket.. im from indonesia and i already buy the plane ticket but i didnt get the concert ticket.. just contact me if u have the ticket by emailing me the.elrumi@yahoo.com or just contact me by whatsapp or something in +6281212334455


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The gig scheduled for 26 September could be problematic because of weather related issues namely the worsening haze and very unhealthy air quality that have impacted Singapore the past few days. Some schools will be closed on Friday and air traffic could also be affected.


This concert is close to a sell out so I would feel bad for the fans from Singapore and neighboring countries like Indonesia and Malaysia if the show has to be cancelled or postponed to a different date if the conditions do not significantly improve in the next couple of days.



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