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  1. Is there a thread for discussing the videos? I mean narratively the videos are fun to dissect..
  2. yeaa!! i dont mind GUAF as well and i'm a metal head edit: it's the intro and verse that is hard to listen but pre chorus and chorus i think it's awesome and come on that falsetto !!!
  3. yea.. i knew that i was late for it. i did hear blockades though, and algorithm matt teased last night. wanted to hear more snippets at this point, so gutted i missed it.
  4. hey guys anybody know if it's sold out or not i cnt seem to get through the website edit: nvm got the tickets
  5. Try 1.Citizen Erased 2.Shine(acoustic) 3.The Globalist oddly satisfying;) (for me)
  6. 1.[JFK]+Defector 2.[Drill Sergeant]+Psycho 3.Assassin_Extended 4.Supermassive Black Hole 5.Sing For Absolution 6.Stockholm Syndrome_Micro Cuts Outro 7.Mercy 8.The Handler 9.Munich Jam 10.Apocalypse Please 11.New Born 12.Screenager 13.Bliss_Extended/Showbiz 14.Reapers_With extra crazy outros ENCORE 15.The Globalist 16.Citizen Erased 17.[Man with Harmonica] Knights of Cydonia My Ideal Festival Setlist
  7. https://client02.chat.mibbit.com/ Fuji rock attendees join this chat edit:#fujirock
  8. mau ke fujirock festivall ? saya dari indonesia juga kira kira bisa meetup di sana enggaa?

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