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  1. Is there a thread for discussing the videos? I mean narratively the videos are fun to dissect..
  2. yeaa!! i dont mind GUAF as well and i'm a metal head edit: it's the intro and verse that is hard to listen but pre chorus and chorus i think it's awesome and come on that falsetto !!!
  3. yea.. i knew that i was late for it. i did hear blockades though, and algorithm matt teased last night. wanted to hear more snippets at this point, so gutted i missed it.
  4. hey guys anybody know if it's sold out or not i cnt seem to get through the website edit: nvm got the tickets
  5. Try 1.Citizen Erased 2.Shine(acoustic) 3.The Globalist oddly satisfying;) (for me)
  6. 1.[JFK]+Defector 2.[Drill Sergeant]+Psycho 3.Assassin_Extended 4.Supermassive Black Hole 5.Sing For Absolution 6.Stockholm Syndrome_Micro Cuts Outro 7.Mercy 8.The Handler 9.Munich Jam 10.Apocalypse Please 11.New Born 12.Screenager 13.Bliss_Extended/Showbiz 14.Reapers_With extra crazy outros ENCORE 15.The Globalist 16.Citizen Erased 17.[Man with Harmonica] Knights of Cydonia My Ideal Festival Setlist
  7. https://client02.chat.mibbit.com/ Fuji rock attendees join this chat edit:#fujirock
  8. i'm attending from bali i'll be at the campsite see you guys there
  9. no idea sadly.. they did the same thing with assassin even though we got GOB version as a b-side, i would've loved it if it was a part of the BHAR album. but that's the thing they do that a lot they cancel so pretty cool sections for the albums. maybe so it can sell? maybe. Despite tht i still love this song it is just another crazy muse song and i cnt wait to see it live
  10. IMO, (well it's more like "i'm hoping for") they will play it differently live, maybe a section that didn't make it to the album on the heavy part, bcus that transition to the piano section it would be impossible for matt to do live. well either that or they won't be playing it or they'll do the same kind transition they make since 2007 (i think) with CE, to the piano section.
  11. i can't download reapers nd the handler and i already pre-ordered 1 month ago anyone having the same problem? i've been trying everything since last night and no luck
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