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  1. Matt, when you have the melody of a song in your mind, how do you communicate this into bass, drums and symphony arrangements for everyone?
  2. I missed the deadline to get bus tickets from tokyo to the festival. What are the alternative methods of getting there?
  3. ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE! http://www.hkticketing.com/Ticketek/eng/event/nswcms_event_login.asp?id=8595
  4. I've got my ticket already. Anyone else? Am flying up from Singapore!
  5. Everyone! PM me your WhatsApp and I'll make a group where we all can chat and meet up in Japan!
  6. Hello fellow Singamusers, Myself and a friend will be touring the Asian dates except for China. We're looking for other crazy people to join us. If not, let's all go for the Singapore gig together! We can plan to hold a sign asking them to play specific songs (Fury for me) Also, I want to make a WhatsApp group for all of us. If you don't mind, PM me your number and I'll start it!
  7. Muser in Singapore here. Anyone want to plan a trip to Japan for Fuji Rock Festival?
  8. Agreed with most of the replies here. I just finished a uni module on Leadership and Matt isn't a very good leader. He's a talented musician who writes really good songs but that doesn't translate into being a good leader even though many are in awe of him. Does your study have to be of a "good leader" or is it a leadership analysis of a figure?
  9. One of the most amusing interviews I've heard in a long time! I'm surprised no one mentioned their dislike of Justine Bieber. Matt even sang a bit of U smile. I Lol'd.
  10. most of us don't have perfect pitch and can't actually tell the difference when the keys change by a semitone or two cos we need to compare it to a base (the original song). And Yep, the key is in Bflat (also known as A sharp)
  11. I think making someone watch videos isn't such a good idea because they'll feel obliged to sit through the whole thing. Try a subtler approach - Watch one of the videos listed above (make sure it's a high quality video so the sound is good as well) while your friend is nearby. If that doesn't create curiosity, then I guess you could make them watch a few videos.
  12. You're probably right. Occasionally I do read some threads but I was just trying to tell people to loosen up! It's just an opinion poll. No hard feelings (if any)
  13. Look, it's just a poll. Obviously there are differing opinions as to who is the best frontman; so just GO VOTE FOR WHO YOU WANT TO WIN. I'm pretty sure the majority of people here will not agree with you when you say that (insert non-Matt Bellamy name here) is a better frontman than Matt Bellamy. Expressing your disagreement in a Muse forum saying that Matt isn't the most electrifying frontman is analogous to going to the streets of Egypt two weeks ago shouting "All hail Mubarak!" Do remember that a lot of us have not seen other frontmen in action live, especially dead frontmen. Again, remember that you're in a Muse forum. So take it easy OP
  14. He was first just now. But then matt started trending on Facebook on all the Muse-related groups and currently Matt's first
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