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    Arctic Monkeys, The Who, Rolling Stones, Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Weezer, Sigur Ros. Way too many to list...
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    Anything that makes me laugh- Partridge, Phoenix Nights, Karl Pilkington...silly stuff
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    Mine. I'm an author.
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    NEC, Birmingham - 2003
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    Wembley Stadium, London - 2007
    Parc de Princes, Paris - 2007
    Old Trafford, Manchester - 2010
    Leeds Festival - 2011
    La Zenith, Strasbourg - 2012
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  1. I'm coming from Australia for this one...made a late decision though and have only got a seat at the moment. Need a standing ticket!!!
  2. Yep- I can confirm the boys will arrive in Adelaide at 6.20pm. I just got the soul crushing picture of my mate with Matt in Perth. Extremely jealous!
  3. Getting very excited for Wednesday now. The Perth setlist was pretty awesome. Bring it on!!
  4. An interest in feathers? I'm intrigued...

  5. Yeah, Strasbourg is a beautiful city...especially at Christmas. I'd return tomorrow if I could!

  6. I enjoyed everything about Strasbourg, it was a decent concert. Would go there again anytime. Cheers

  7. Hooray for Muse in Strasbourg!

  8. The headliners for BDO are absolutely fantastic, but the undercard is hopeless. I've seen Blur a couple of times in the last year so I'm happy to miss BDO and go and see Arcade Fire at their own show at some point during their tour.
  9. Hurrah for Si Neil. That is all.

  10. Nice addition of white lies on your list of bands! I see you went to Strasbourg in December too. Great times :)

  11. You don't have to get there too early to make GA worthwhile. You can easily nip into a decent spot while everyone heads to the bar between bands. I went to Rome a couple of weeks ago and managed to slide about 5 rows away from the b stage. Great spot!
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