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Physical release of 'Dead Inside'?

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Hello.......is there anybody in there?... :)


I'm new to this whole forum, message board situation.


Does anyone know if Muse plan on releasing Dead Inside as a physical single?


Maybe on 45rpm vinyl record? Or is it only the albums that get released physically onto cd and record?


If anyone replies thank you :$

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Don't worry, I had never heard of it before either. Sounds like its "just a simple cardboard sleeve (artwork on front and back, no liner notes) not unlike the packaging for most promo singles," according to some guy on a forum elsewhere.


Ahh okay thank you. I was hoping they'd just do a normal cd case for it. Cardboard sleeves get damaged to easily

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Also find the CD gets somewhat scratched when using this packaging. Annoying as my 2nd Law CD has and my Justice - Audio Video Disco CD both have; and feature the same kind of packaging.Surely it's not hard to use jewel cases? Anyway I've ordered it and looking forward it; haven't actually bought a download of the songs on iTunes so it'll be nice for the 1 or 2 weeks until the album is released.

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Seems like there was an awful lot of art done for this album!


Still seems like an awfully late release on this, with no additional material, coming so late after they were available for download?

The timing on all this stuff for this album has seemed so off.


Also, I have never, EVER had a CD in cardboard vs a jewel case that hasn't eventually cracked, no matter how careful I tried to be with it.

I'm all for being green, but there's a line when I'm rebuying things because they don't do their job. :noey:

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