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  1. Yeah it's a tricky one. At Morrissey we queued from 2pm, and our friend arrived later at 8pm as it was started and ended up next to us! Thanks for the rough idea of numbers though!
  2. Hi fellow Musers! I'm attending tomorrow night at the Manchester Arena and wanted to know what everyones' experiences of queuing were like for standing? Did anyone go down early to their UK gig? And what were the queues like at time of arrival? I want to get as close to the front as possible! Thanks!!
  3. Mine says: Sorry, no exact matches were found, but other tickets may still be available. Try the following: Search again Select "Best Available" or "Any Price". Change the quantity of tickets requested. Double check your promotional code or password, if you used one. At the time of your search, another customer may have been viewing the tickets you want and then decided not to buy them. Back Keep checking back FYI: New tickets often become available for purchase as the event date nears. HELP!!!!!
  4. Hello.......is there anybody in there?... I'm new to this whole forum, message board situation. Does anyone know if Muse plan on releasing Dead Inside as a physical single? Maybe on 45rpm vinyl record? Or is it only the albums that get released physically onto cd and record? If anyone replies thank you
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