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25 Best Muse Songs


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Did a wee article on the band for What Culture. 25 best songs, as obviously hinted at in the above title..


Hardly the creme de la creme of music writing, I'm pretty inexperienced at it, but feel free to have a look, maybe post your own choices, and of course, most importantly, slate my own.


Enjoy :D



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Shine Acoustic, Resistance and Invincible have no place in that list for my taste! :D. Otherwise, pretty good call. Maybe a bit to Origin focused in the top 5.


For what it's worth, my top 25 below (yes, I have a day off work and nothing better to do!).




New Born

Take A Bow

Muscle Museum

Apocalypse Please

City Of Delusion

Dead Star

Map Of The Problematique

MK Ultra

Ruled By Secrecy



Stockholm Syndrome



Citizen Erased


Hyper Music



Butterflies & Hurricanes

Hate This & I'll Love You

Space Dementia


Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist

United States Of Eurasia




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Couldn't even get passed the first song. "One of Muse’s many anti-establishment anthems, ‘Animals’ was one of the few moments on ‘The 2nd Law’ that seemed to have a beating heart and genuine emotion at its core."


Let me guess, the rest of the album isn't as genuine because...it's not something you can connect with?


Because songs like Madness, Follow Me, Save Me and Liquid State aren't songs totally built around genuine emotions.

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I'm still on the fence about celebrities and/or rich people going on about the state of the world, to an extent... stuff like Uprising, US, Animals... (particularly US)


Well Muse is a not a punk band. They write songs like Survival and United States of Eurasia. Hell, the video of Uprising includes oversized teddy bears. Enjoy the absurdity.

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Take Animals. Why couldn't Muse have something to say about the bankers?


Animals is probably the least concern; the banking crisis does effect everyone, after all.


Unnatural Selection, as I said, was probably the worst for me. Something about talented rich people singing about how the "lucky" don't care about the rest of us doesn't exactly seem right to me.


Stuff like Uprising has always felt disingenuous to me, as well, but it's just a personal bias, I suppose.

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