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Found 12 results

  1. from the manson site http://mansons.co.uk/shopping/categories/manson-signature-guitars/manson-signature-guitars/mb1-standard/ Product Description Mansons Guitar Shop are Pleased to announce the new Matthew Bellamy Signature Guitars. We are offering the MB-1 range with custom options available to select from the drop menu up on the right hand side. MB-1 Standard with/without Midi Control Screen Specs- Alder Body Birds Eye Maple Neck Rosewood Fingerboard MBK-2 Bridge Humbucker Fernandes Sustainer Humbucking Neck Pickup Fixed Bridge Gotoh 510 Machine Heads Kill Switch Volume, Tone Sustainer On/Off Switch Sustainer – Harmonic/Fundamental Switch 3-way Pickup Selector Switch Manson Deluxe Logo Hard Case This guitar is available in two finishes – Matt Black or for £200 extra, gloss Red Glitter. It is available with or without a Midi Control Screen - £300 price difference. It is also possible to special order the custom made round machine head buttons and control knobs as seen on Matthew’s first two Manson Guitars. The price difference for these handmade items is a £250 upcharge. Delivery is expected to start from summer 2009 and orders will be fulfilled on a first come, first served basis. You can order online and pay in full now or you can contact us to arrange putting down a minimum holding deposit of £1000. Please note all payments are Non Refundable. For all of our international customers we can only accept direct bank transfers as payment. This is for both yours and our security. You can order online using your credit or debit card, which will not be debited, to get yourself in the queue but your payment will not be authorized. We will then contact you with our bank details to organize the transfer. Contact Details – Tel – 01392 496379
  2. I found these captures a few days ago and so far nobody has been able to send me the link. I found them on VK without a description and I posted them on Tumblr, seeking for help http://bharmatt.tumblr.com/post/136724038137/does-anybody-know-from-which-video-these-captures
  3. Well apparently Drone's gonna be hard! More info here: http://blog.evergig.com/matt-bellamy-hints-at-new-single-too-offensive-for-radio Source: http://blog.evergig.com/matt-bellamy-hints-at-new-single-too-offensive-for-radio Source: http://www.virginradio.fr/
  4. I've been looking for this interview for a while, and could only find a short clip from it and a screencap... looks like it was from MTV Overdrive. Anyone have this interview? Would be super happy if someone has it and could upload or share!
  5. Did a wee article on the band for What Culture. 25 best songs, as obviously hinted at in the above title.. Hardly the creme de la creme of music writing, I'm pretty inexperienced at it, but feel free to have a look, maybe post your own choices, and of course, most importantly, slate my own. Enjoy http://whatculture.com/music/25-greatest-muse-songs-time.php
  6. Hello, I work for BBC 6 Music and this Sunday between 6-8pm (GMT) we want you to help pick the Ultimate Muse Playlist. This could be anything from your favourite Muse tracks, to people who inspired them, people they've toured with etc etc. You can get in touch on: - Facebook - Twitter using #Muse6Music - Spotify Or leave a comment here and I'll pick them up. Thanks very much - would love to see as many of you as possible involved! Thanks, Will Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/nowplaying/2012/09/muse6music---help-pick-the-ult.shtml Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/nowplaying/2012/09/muse6music---help-pick-the-ult.shtml
  7. Hey guys, I interviewed Tom Morello last week in Leeds for my student radio show Let There Be Rock!, and I'll be broadcasting the full interview tomorrow afternoon at 2pm. I suppose this is a partial plug, but it's an interesting chat in which he talks about Rage Against The Machine, The Nightwatchman, his new comic Orchid, his life, influences, the X Factor... and also Muse, including the first time he met Matt Bellamy. It'll be on at 2pm till 3pm at the following link, if anyone wants a transcript or anything I'll upload that later with a podcast of the interview too. http://lsrfm.com http://twitter.com/LSRfmRock (quotes uploaded on here as the interview goes live)
  8. I have been thinking, and I know it's going to be a long time before Matt Smith is ready to go. But I first heard Timescale Keeper recently, and thought it described the Doctor perfectly. So what if our Matt was the next regeneration. I believe he would accept if offered, and if enough people comment yes, then he might go audition.
  9. NME has listed 35 funniest quotes, and one of them is said by Matthew Bellamy On Rick Rubin: "Thanks to Rick Rubin for teaching us how not to produce." (Matt Bellamy, Muse) Nice But I think the next one is a bit insulting (it's said by Robbie Furze) On Muse fans: "The problem with touring with Muse was that all their fans were really ugly." (Robbie Furze, The Big Pink) Check the page: http://www.nme.com/photos/35-funniest-quotes-of-2010/200962/1/1#5 (my fav is probably Wayne Coyne's comment on getting older )
  10. Â (http://twitpic.com/1gzuhz < Direct Link) Â From their Twitter feed, whilst in Los Angeles. They've had a few days off so there's no reason to discount them working on a new single release, we've had a fair few pointers recently, Muse in the studio with Butch Vig, Eclipse soundtrack song, interviews saying they have some new material. My guesses are as follows: Â - A Resistance-cycle release which by the look of the video, could potentially be for either MK Ultra ot Unnatural Selection (Chris doesn't sing in Guiding Light). Â - A video for a brand-new A-side/a video for the rumoured Eclipse song. Â - A new video for a previously released single (Resistance, Undisclosed Desires, Uprising) targeted at an American market. Â Speculate away, chumps.
  11. Matt Bellamy is a god as everybody knows and my job as a f***in enormous fan of his have to be like him... its the only way to be an individual.. is to copy someone else.. wanna complain go else where but me and 2 of my best friends have always had the idea of a band and we have covered almost every muse song, but one thing that i find lacking in each of our shows is my clothing... I NEED RED PANTS, or something if any of you can find that he wears anywhere on the web, id be thrilled to hear about.
  12. Hello there. I was at Muse's last concert on the leg on the 2000-tour at "Lille Vega" in Cophenhagen (11/04/00) and Matt threw out his megaphone after playing "Feeling good" and I got a hand of it. It is a Radio Shack with 99 different programmed tunes with possibility to record and play. With M.Gain and possibility to use external mic to. It is obviously well used with a black tape wrapped around some areas (for instance the batteries wich is now taken out). But most important it works with great sound! I am considering to sell it , but I need a picture from the 2000 tour where Matt uses it, so that people can see that it is same Radio Shack. Does anyone know where to find a picture of Matt using it.
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