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Found 7 results

  1. I found these captures a few days ago and so far nobody has been able to send me the link. I found them on VK without a description and I posted them on Tumblr, seeking for help http://bharmatt.tumblr.com/post/136724038137/does-anybody-know-from-which-video-these-captures
  2. Well apparently Drone's gonna be hard! More info here: http://blog.evergig.com/matt-bellamy-hints-at-new-single-too-offensive-for-radio Source: http://blog.evergig.com/matt-bellamy-hints-at-new-single-too-offensive-for-radio Source: http://www.virginradio.fr/
  3. I've been looking for this interview for a while, and could only find a short clip from it and a screencap... looks like it was from MTV Overdrive. Anyone have this interview? Would be super happy if someone has it and could upload or share!
  4. Did a wee article on the band for What Culture. 25 best songs, as obviously hinted at in the above title.. Hardly the creme de la creme of music writing, I'm pretty inexperienced at it, but feel free to have a look, maybe post your own choices, and of course, most importantly, slate my own. Enjoy http://whatculture.com/music/25-greatest-muse-songs-time.php
  5. Hello, I work for BBC 6 Music and this Sunday between 6-8pm (GMT) we want you to help pick the Ultimate Muse Playlist. This could be anything from your favourite Muse tracks, to people who inspired them, people they've toured with etc etc. You can get in touch on: - Facebook - Twitter using #Muse6Music - Spotify Or leave a comment here and I'll pick them up. Thanks very much - would love to see as many of you as possible involved! Thanks, Will Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/nowplaying/2012/09/muse6music---help-pick-the-ult.shtml Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/nowplaying/2012/09/muse6music---help-pick-the-ult.shtml
  6. Hey guys, I interviewed Tom Morello last week in Leeds for my student radio show Let There Be Rock!, and I'll be broadcasting the full interview tomorrow afternoon at 2pm. I suppose this is a partial plug, but it's an interesting chat in which he talks about Rage Against The Machine, The Nightwatchman, his new comic Orchid, his life, influences, the X Factor... and also Muse, including the first time he met Matt Bellamy. It'll be on at 2pm till 3pm at the following link, if anyone wants a transcript or anything I'll upload that later with a podcast of the interview too. http://lsrfm.com http://twitter.com/LSRfmRock (quotes uploaded on here as the interview goes live)
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