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O2 Arena 27.10.12 DVD


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O2 Arena 27.10.12 DVD


01. Unsustainable

02. Supremacy

03. Map of the problematique

04. Panic Station

05. Supermassive Black hole

06. Resistance

07. Animals

08. Monty Jam + Explorers

09. Falling down

10. Host + Time is running out

11. Liquid state

12. Madness

13. Follow me

14. Undisclosed desires

15. Plug in baby

16. New Born

17. Isolated system

18. Uprising

19. Survival

20. Starlight

21. Man with a Harmonica + Knights of Cydonia


Sample of the DVD here:



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That's the plan, if that's alright /possible


Ovcourse its ok :p I have a day off today so im going to press on as quick as I can and see how I get on but cant promise before Christmas.

Alot of people came forward with additional footage after id made this thread so ive waited for some to upload their footage then download it, otherwise it would have been finished by now but the additional footage has added to it alot.

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