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    I'm Tom Wells.
    Favourite band is Kasabian.
    Love Oasis.
    West Ham fan.
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    Borehamwood, Herts, UK
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    Kasabian, Oasis, Beady Eye, Rolling Stones, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, Miles Kane, Stone Roses, Rizzle Kicks, Viva Brother, The Who, Blur, Black Onassis, Foo Fighters, Franz Ferdinand, Gorillaz, The jam, The Fratellis, Jon Fratelli, Kaiser Chiefs, Jet, Tenacious D, The Killers, Kings of Leon, The Last Shadow Puppets, The Libertines, The Lysergic Suite, Paul Weller, Primal Scream, Pulp, The Rascals, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stereophonics, The Verve
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    Toy Story, Star Wars, Men In Black, Alien, Prometheus
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    Family Guy, My Name Is Earl, Russell Howard's Good News
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    Don't read
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    All the albums and Hullaballoo DVD
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    11/09/10- Wembley (The reason I got into muse :D)
    Hopefully 26/10/12- O2 Arena
  1. That happened at V Festival 2009. The monumental bellend known as Liam Gallagher never turned up, saying he had "laryngitis" (He'd been at the Man City game the day before, on the piss, and then did the Stafford leg of V... Just couldn't be arsed with Chelmsford)... Noel was the only one that turned up. The organisers panicked and bumped Snow Patrol up to headline, despite Noel trying to do the show by bringing Kasabian in, in a helicopter. The organisers didn't let Noel and Kasabian take the headline slot, leaving Snow Patrol to headline. They got booed A LOT, and got a lot of abuse when they played some Oasis songs. Poor decision IMO. Aaaannnyyywaaayyy, I think the Lithium cover is cool. Never been a big Nirvana fan, but it's one of the songs I like. Hope that they release it in some form (even if it's just a pro audio stream from Coachella).
  2. You can see some mug and his sister keep popping up on the left at 1:02, 1:35 and 1:47
  3. The band were great, but I got given evils and moaned at by the crowd around me for clapping, singing, jumping and cheering... Nobody knew the songs, and I went with my sister why told me after the gig "I hate Muse" Well, I fucking enjoyed myself, and had a bit of banter with Brad Pitt.
  4. My guess at the setlist: Isolated System Supremacy Follow Me Panic Station Madness Uprising Starlight The 4 T2L singles, both of the songs in the film (If I'm not mistaken that it's FM and IS?), and 2 hits... Should rack up to around half an hour. I'm also half-wondering if they might slip a cheeky Dead Star in.
  5. I didn't get a fucking code wtf. EDIT: Oh, they put the link on Twitter...
  6. Has anyone actually got a code other than the one from The Scum? I want to get them at 9, as I'd rather not go than get them via The Sun.
  7. Both gigs were fucking brilliant!!! But last night, there was some absolute prick of a metalhead on Chris' side started hitting people, trying to get to the barrier. (He was some ginger bloke with long hair, a beard and a Cannibal Corpse top)Was hitting girls and everything! Like, he wasn't just jumping and stuff, he was ACTUALLY HITTING THEM. There was a man in front of me actually had a go at him, and the metalhead's girlfriend turned around and said to the guy in front of me "We are absolutely hammered, so we don't give a shit" The metalhead then started pushing people away from him, so he could have his own space to full on headbang... The wanker was definitely trying to headbut people or hit them with his hair. Whoever he was, I hope someone beat the shit out of him after he disappeared from our section. It was lucky he did go away, or it would have ruined what was an otherwise incredible gig!!! Butterflies and Hurricanes was up there as one of the best moments I've ever had... Like, it almost rivals the first time I saw Don't Look Back In Anger played live!
  8. I think she means that it'll be red carpet coverage, rather than an actual screening of the film... Which I think is very possible.
  9. Wonder if we'll get to watch the film or something before they come on... Can't see why doors would open at 7, if last entry is 9, and there's nothing to do there... It'd be a bit pointless to have us all just standing around for 2 hours with nothing to watch or anything.
  10. It doesn't say anywhere what it is. Most people think it's balloted, but they say you get them through Ticketmaster at 9am on Tuesday, so I'm assuming it's a first come, first serve thing.
  11. I didn't see that on the article... Then again, I could be blind... OH LAWD. EDIT: Just realised you meant the Billboard article
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