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2013.06.18 - Werchter Festival Site, Rotselaar, Belgium


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They're already building the stage for Rock Werchter so I guess they have lowered the capacity. I can't imagine them using the full capacity with the big main stage already built up and Muse's stage in front of it. When Muse performed there in 2010 at the festival itself it was already really crowded everywhere using all the space... I read somewhere that they're expecting about 40.000 tickets to be sold by Tuesday, which is like half the capacity of the venue.


And I don't think King Baudouin Stadium would be better... Werchter is a special location for the Belgian crowd and Werchter Boutique is an event with a big name here.

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VikBat, I see you're from the UK. You're coming over to see Muse @ Werchter! FUN!


Yes we're coming over on Eurostar tomorrow - just hope we can get to the North station in time to get on the coach at 2:30! (Eurostar gets in at 2:05 :S

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Where are you staying Vikbat? Or are you taking the first train home the day after?

Sounds so much fun, I hope I'll be able to go to the UK for a Museconcert someday.


I'm very curious to the stage, the visuals... I thought Sportpaleis was already amazing but I hear the summer stadion tour is going to be HUGE.

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So awesome I only have to ride my bike for 5 minutes to see a Muse gig.

Wow, jealous! I'm taking two trains and a bus to get there, it's a 2 hour long journey. So I'm heading out soon, I'm hopefully getting there at around 16:00.

I wonder if there's going to be a lot of people there already. I'm still not sure if I should see this as a normal gig or as a festival.

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Some pics from Instagram/Facebook:








The stage looks really small in comparison with the main stage at Rock Werchter... Oh God it's always a pleasure to see that there's something at the festivalpark in Werchter. You know the summer's here when they start building a stage there.


EDIT: Looks like there's a "second barrier" / golden circle for those who arrive first this time?

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For a Muse gig, I thought it was pretty boring. Setlist very average (no surprises), songs slowed down, Matt not playing guitar, the whole band wanting to become the next U2, awful crowd. But well it's just my opinion.


+ It was fucking expensive

+ They didn't tell the pit would be reserved to the first 7000 :(


I recorded Blackout and the moment where Matt throws his guitar after New Born.

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I thought i was amazing. I stood at the barrier of the B-stage on Matt's side and everyone around me was really nice and I had such a great view. The setlist wasn't great (I would've prefered Dead Star, B&H or even Map instead of Hysteria, and Sunburn instead of USoE), but the performance was amazing. They looked to be having a lot of fun and Matt actually said a lot of Dutch words. I was impressed. :p

It was way too hot though, and that bomb going of right next to me didn't help.

SX was kind of boring, Balthazar was great. I also loved the fact that Charles came to say hello right before Muse came on.


I thought the golden circle thingy was a bit weird. Didn't everyone get wristbands? Because they checked your wrist when you wanted to enter it.

Oh and I laughed when Elio Di Rupo appeared on Panic Station. I kind of expected it, but it was still funny.

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I agree with Vigo, the show was pretty boring and the crowd was one of the worst i've ever seen even though i was on the pit/golden circle.

People, around me, didn't move at all. They were just taking pictures and videos.

The worst may be on PIB, they were like "what song it is ?" and just stood like trees..

Well, i'm really disappointed..

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Really? The crowd around me was pretty good. They were singing along and jumping and no one tried to take my spot. (Which I saw happen a bit further down the catwalk).


I read a comment on the muselive forum saying they played apocalypse please and dead star teasers right before feeling good??

I didn't hear that. But then again I knew it was going to be Feeling Good so maybe I just didn't notice it.

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Attended the gig yesterday.


I must say that even if organization once in the festival park is good, everything about getting to that place and leaving it was pretty messed up and shitty.


Paying 15€ to park with no sign and no help at all for you to remember where you park your car is definitely not a good idea. I had the chance to park my car in a field really close to the main entrance, however I already had a really bad experience in the past when I parked really far from the entrance => impossible to see, remember, rely on indication to find where I was parked. And I think the same thing happened yesterday to many of us.


In addition to this, it took like FOREVER to leave the area. During 2 hours, we were moving forward 5 meters every 10 minutes. 2 hours to drive 2-3 damn km.

Even during the main 4-days Werchter festival, it's not as shitty as it was yesterday.

I live 20mn south of Brussels and I arrived at home at 3:30AM eventhough I left at 0:05.


Regarding the gig itself, SX was not really good. Singer a bit strange (reminding me of Selah Sue) while songs were random and not really good. I wouldn't be able to remember the melody of any of them.

Balthazar was better from a music point of view, otherwise nothing special.


Muse was good.

The stage was really impressive and great. Happy we had the tour stage and not a random stage used during the Werchter festival for example.

Fire effects, light effects, videos and all were good even if the heat of the fireballs were a bit too much because of the temperature already high enough.


Setlist was OK. Not the best I've had but not the worst as well. Sad to see the new album forces the band to leave some oldies aside (MotP, SS, CE, ...). But that's the way it is.

We got Feeling Good, USoE and Unintended, while I'd have preferred hearing Sunburn, Falling Down, SS or another oldie more worth it. (And NO, we did not have Falling Down as a press article mentioned.)


I had the chance to be in the pit because we received a specific bracelet when we arrived at the entrance. They were also giving them to the persons entering the park at the beginning I think.


The band was great. As usually I would say.

I do not expect too much interaction between the band and the crowd because I know this is not something they're good at. I think Matt is rather shy and it is not his thing to do this a lot. I understand because I wouldn't be able to do better than what he does regarding this aspect of the show.


Sad to see he's not playing as much guitar as he used to and even during the previous tour. Follow me is definitely not played on guitar, so OK. However, Unintended, Blackout and Undisclosed Desires are not played by him on guitar anymore which is pretty lame IMO. Chris plays the guitar part for Unintended and Blackout. As much as I appreciate him, he's unfortunately not playing this with the little extras done by Matt usually and doesn't seem to improvise at all. Especially Blackout and the way he played it for the Wembley Live DVD (which is the best version IMO).

Hoping this won't become worse in the future.

Also, it looks like 2 pianos on stage are not enough for Matt to play the intro of Newborn himself. Shame.


Overall, the crowd in the pit was absolutely horrible. Apart from the first rows close to the stage, I felt like only 1 tenth of the crowd really meant to be there to see the band. I saw even some persons leaving the pit, after staying still and idle during most part of the gig, as if they were pissed because a few persons around them were too active, jumping and headbanging.

When the band played their biggest successes (maybe not the best songs, but well...), almost no one moved at all.

Only during KoC and maybe a very few other songs, the crowd was really singing, jumping and all but I was really saddened to see most of the crowd was just there, standing still. A guy spent the whole gig standing there and watching, arms crossed and mouth shut.

I was almost the only one jumping and all during most of the songs. And I must say I felt quite alone and also thought the band would surely see it.

As it was only standing tickets, I thought we'd have a more proactive crowd but it looks like I was completely mistaken. Dunno about the rest of the crowd behind the pit.


All in all, it was a good concert but definitely not the best I've seen, especially because of the crowd, even in the pit and the overall organization of the event.



PS: did not hear Apocalypse Please or Dead Star teasers before starting Feeling Good. I think he played random things before starting Feeling Good, which I thought was a mistake from Matt at first, but that's it.

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