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  1. We're still looking for one or two extra GA ticket(s) for the show on Saturday (03.12).
  2. I recently saw an interview with Taylor Swift on Apple Music where she and Zane Lowe talked a lot about how she keeps her tour interesting for her fans. I don't even know how I ended up watching that interview and I'm not familiar with her music or career, but I really liked what she was saying there. She said a lot of her fans already know most of the regular setlist, have seen what the production is like online... and that she still wants to surprise them. I don't remember what exactly she did to keep her shows fresh for the die hard fans, but I was thinking "damn Matt, a scripted show and a heavy production isn't an excuse anymore." PS: I know most of what she said came probably straight from her label/manager/whatever + there's a difference between singing some lines of pop songs and what Muse does onstage + so many other reasons why we can't compare both artists, but I just wanted to share this. For those interested: link to the interview.
  3. Ze hebben het record gisteren alleszins al geëvenaard! Ik ga ook zaterdag de twaalfde. Ben eens benieuwd wat we mogen verwachten qua set en qua productie! Hopelijk ligt het in de lijn van wat we op Werchter gekregen hebben.
  4. Only 2 more weeks at #1 and Mercy breaks the all time record of de Afrekening, a hitlist made by Studio Brussels listeners. Didn't expect this at all to be honest. The current record holder is a Belgian song from 1996. For those who'd like to vote: http://stubru.be/deafrekening/stemvoordeafrekening
  5. Zo... Al lang geleden dat hier iets gepost is blijkbaar. Mercy staat al 13 weken op 1 in de Afrekening! Normaal kunnen zulke lijsten me weinig schelen en Mercy is nu niet direct mijn grote favoriet, maar als ze zaterdag nog op 1 staan evenaren ze het record van dEUS (14 weken op 1). Dat zou wel mooi zijn! Wie dus wil stemmen: http://stubru.be/deafrekening/stemvoordeafrekening
  6. So that's 2 shows for those on the waiting list and only 1 show with .mu pre sale. I hope this isn't going to affect the crowd. Imagine the 3rd and 4th show getting a superior setlist compared to the first two.
  7. Got an email 30min ago from Ticketmaster: my tickets are valid and everything is sold out.
  8. So the seating in Paleis 12 is more modular than I thought it would be.
  9. Yup, found it on the regular sale page but not fan pre-sale. That's a bit sad... I'm against this kind of options but IF they offer it, I'm taking advantage of it (yes I know, hypocrite).
  10. Okay nevermind, order was cancelled but I got the tickets anyway?! I'm calling Ticketmaster to make sure everything is okay with these tickets...
  11. 2nd time big sale with Ticketmaster Belgium for me, 2nd time problems. They charged us for 8 tickets instead of 4 with AC/DC last time. Took us months to get the money back. EDIT: Hell, it's even easier to buy tickets for freaking Tomorrowland through Paylogic than what I've experienced with Ticketmaster so far...
  12. "Something went wrong" and now no GA left. I really hope more will be available within the next hour...
  13. ING clients can enter a competition to get early access to the venue. 300 winners. How many VIP (standing) tickets are there? I know a 360 stage will probably mean more place at the barrier but this kind of actions really sucks.
  14. Yeah I know... But we'll see how this one turns out. It would be really weird for them to use another stage just because there's only seating in the back though.
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