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  1. This queueing system is literally the worst. They better not start using it in more countries.
  2. It happens tomorrow at 10am but they haven't put up the ticket link yet.
  3. I know Matt said it but I don't see that happening at all, since they've already said they would be playing US arenas around that time and that just seems a lot more likely. I think they'll play UK/EU arenas in spring 2016.
  4. Yeah I'm pretty sure that the LA show Matt mentioned is the 8th May gig from the Toronto contest. And from what he was saying it didn't sound like it's going to be a tour.. probably just a one off small gig.
  5. Any chance the Ulster hall got the date wrong and meant this cover band? http://www.musest.nl/events/ They play there on 18th April. edit; another hall actually
  6. If he just wrote the 9am Belfast thing to clarify what a time and a place means he's being really specific for no reason. It's not like people don't understand the meaning of 'a time and a place'.
  7. Exactly, the general audience, the Pinkpop audience used to be a bit different. But not anymore I guess.. I also got my Friday ticket, after staring at the little waiting list circle for 60 minutes.
  8. I'm flying there on April 4th on a non-changeable flight. FML. It very much sounds like it could be true, btw. I bet it's not going to take long before it's officially announced.
  9. Who knows, if they changed the date once they can change it again. And I still think there's a pretty big chance this Bremen gig will not happen at all.
  10. I'm selling 4 old Muse shirts, all 4 of them in a different size. They've all been worn only once or a few times. Girls' S: Girls' M: Girls' L (warning: this shirt is pretty short. it's 51cm from front neckline to the bottom): SOLD Mens' XS: Send me a message/make an offer if you're interested in one or more of them
  11. There are so few videos of this gig on youtube! If there's anyone out there who has a good video of Liquid State (we need to see Matt with that guitar properly!) or Starlight, please share it
  12. I got these two.. I'm not really a fan of shirts with their faces on them so I'm not sure if I'll wear them. I'm definitely not planning on keeping the grey one.
  13. What time is curfew? I think it's good if they start a bit early, especially because the doors open at 16:00 already and there is only one support act. The only reason why starting late is good is because it will be dark(er).
  14. I ordered 2 over the weekend (mens S), very curious what I'll get. I'll post pictures here when I get them If I don't like them I'll sell them to whoever wants them.
  15. In May I read that "More than 30,000 tickets" were sold, so it's probably slightly above that number.. The festival has a capacity of 70,000.
  16. They were selling that one in red in the Muse shop sample sale, but I just noticed that that's over already.
  17. This stadium looks amazing.. does anyone know how many entrances there will be?
  18. I think using pyro with a closed roof would burn the Arena down
  19. Yeah they can't really expect everyone to bring ID if they haven't said anything about it..
  20. The Amsterdam Arena just tweeted that the roof is going to be closed "because the band need it for the show"
  21. Why? Then you'd just have to wait really long inside the stadium. 17:00 is better.
  22. I really want to answer the questionnaire but I'd rather do it in person so I'll force myself to wait. Hopefully this weekend!
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