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55th Annual Grammy Awards

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The 2013 GRAMMYS attracted an average viewing audience of just over 28 million in the US. It reached its peak when Justin Timberlake performed.


Dom and Kirky represented Muse at the ceremony. Matt and Chris had family obligations.


Unfortunately, no music from Muse was heard during the ceremony. The words Muse, Madness and The 2nd Law were not uttered during the live broadcast on CBS. On the other hand, during one of the Glee episodes on FOX featuring Kate Hudson last fall, the words muse and panic were uttered by two of the characters.


Everyone in the music biz knew the Black Keys were going to win one or more trophies. Lonely Boy is the first track on the 2013 Grammy Nominees album while Madness is toward the end of the album.


Babel won for Album of the Year mostly because of the band's huge commercial success the past couple of years in the US. It the third year in a row a foreign act has won AOTY after Arcade Fire and Adele. Taylor Swift won it before them.


The producers should have given some air time to either the Best Rock Song or Best Rock Album categories instead of Best Rock Performance. Coldplay and Bruce Springsteen were not in attendance just like Pearl Jam two years ago when Muse won a Grammy for Best Rock Album.


Muse spent more weeks at #1 at Alternative with Madness than all of the other bands which either won major Grammy Awards (Mumford, Gotye, the Black Keys, fun.) for their records or performed on the show (the Lumineers).

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She's a former winner of America's Next Top Model I think. I've only watched a few eps here and there so I'm not too sure.


She did win. It was one of the few times in that show when the person who deserved to win actually won.

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