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Songs/album most like 'Plug In Baby'


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Hey guys,


My mate just asked me this on Facebook:


"...I'm looking for the album which is most "Plug in Baby" style tracks, any pointers?

Of course i'm still downloading the popular staples, but i want to hear some other stuff, and at the sam...e time don't want to buy an album i only listen to one or two songs off y'know?"


What do you guys suggest? To me there is no other song "like" PIB but I suppose he means electronic sounding... maybe Hullabaloo?


I also like how he thought of me as the "person to go to" on Muse matters :awesome: (I was the Muse freak at school lol /pwoud)


Should I suggest b-sides? They are some of the best :awesome:

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That's a great song too, Matt makes great use of the Kaoss Pad...

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