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  1. Yeah I hope it stays that way since I think the early entrance is super lame, but at the same time I feel bad for people who bought them since that's the main reason most people spent the $300 or whatever.
  2. I think he played it starting with the final "You've been bitten by" part. Like how he does with Uprising now. Not sure why he thinks that's a cool idea.
  3. Yeah not playing guitar for most of Thought Contagion is a serious head-scratcher. The only reason that song is decent live is cause of the beefy guitar.
  4. Vocals on Pray were playback. Sounded like a new interlude/song they made for the tour. This set seems like it's going to be really tough vocally.
  5. I really hope they release that, that sounded fucking awesome.
  6. He stayed in falsetto unfortunately. Had people everywhere with smoke launchers though. Looked crazy. Really surprised they chose to keep Mercy around, especially with how taxing it is on his voice.
  7. Yeah playing both versions of Algorithm is weird. Seems like it would make the opening of the encore have way less impact. That 8-song stretch from SMBH through TIRO is pretty bad. And playing Take a Bow only to follow it with Starlight to close the main set is odd.
  8. Setlist leaked. Trying to decide if I want to look. Suppose I will. http://imgur.com/gallery/VTyT3Hg Not thrilled with the choices, but it certainly looks long at least. Also curious what "Pray" is. But yeah, 21 full songs including the medley and not including interludes/jam/"Pray". Gotta be honest, I'd be pretty happy with this. (Also this is Matthz, not sure how to access that account)
  9. Went with Break It to Me, but Propaganda is right there. Depends what mood I'm in, but when I'm in the mood for anything Break It to Me just edges it out. Algorithm and The Dark Side are up there though. The Void is still just a bit too flat to me.
  10. The Dark Side is easily top 4 on the album for me, potentially top 2. It's just really good all the way through and feels natural. That run has my top 4, with Pressure being the exception.
  11. Yeah, honestly it should be pretty clear that $125 tickets to see Muse just aren't going to sell well in the US. They're even less popular now than they were during T2L, for which I think I paid $70-something for a GA ticket.
  12. Pretty sure he said "Hmm" cause he's wondering why you both only included those 4 albums instead of all 8.
  13. I'll fight it, because I wholeheartedly disagree. ESPECIALLY for Overdue (I still enjoy Sober, but it's definitely not great). I don't think TOADA would be considered a top 5 song on Showbiz by most, but it's a much more mature song than those 2. And you can't really say "minus the lyrics," because the lyrics are a big part of what makes TOADA good. Lyrics carry a lot of weight just like other aspects of a song, at least for me.
  14. TOADA is better than at least 4 songs on ST. I'd say easily 5 personally. There's nothing on Absolution that comes close to the (low) level of Dig Down and GUAF (I know you like this one though).
  15. 1. Origin of Symmetry 2. Black Holes and Revelations 3. Absolution 4. Showbiz 5. Simulation Theory 6. The 2nd Law 7. Drones 8. The Resistance
  16. I can't quite pinpoint a top 5 over the last four albums because my enjoyment of the ST tracks is still evolving a bit. Break It to Me is probably my favorite off the album, but even that I'm having a hard time comparing to past work. So this isn't official but I'll give it a shot: 1. The Handler 2. Dead Inside 3. Overture 4. Isolated System 5. Break It to Me
  17. Oh, well I'd absolutely take the full song if it was Assassin or something, but that would likely never happen. Before they brought Take a Bow back in the US, there was no "rarity" slot at all, just a Stockholm/Handler rotation.
  18. As an American fan, I think I would take the medley at this point over getting just The Handler or something like that. If I wasn't in America I would probably hate it though.
  19. Matt opening the show with that powerful piano would be epic though.
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