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  1. Fucking excited for this, just hoping traffic won't be a bitch as i'm leaving late
  2. karinvisser from Harlingen, the Netherlands Entrance G Elenor form Amsterdam, the Netherlands Pip and Tasha (daughter), from the UK. Standing. Both entrance J. Mandela70 (Barbera) from Austria Blisshysteria76 (Petra) from Berlin, Germany H4N5 from Nijmegen, Entrance G StratosNL from Ouddorp, the Netherlands F-JD from Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. Entrance G MuseNL86 from Utrecht, The Netherlands. Entrance J xMaris from the Netherlands. Entrance J BobbyR. from Volendam, The Netherlands Cyndris from Zutphen, The Netherlands Dannyveno from Vollenhove, The Netherlands
  3. Tonight Dutch radio station 3FM will have an interview with Chris, airing between 22 and 1 o'clock UTC+1. http://www.3fm.nl/nieuws/detail/353470/Interview-met-Muse-in-3VOOR12RADIO
  4. Just wanted to say it again, Liam, you are a fucking hero. Absolutely love the Megalomania edit.
  5. Which idiot did upload that? He better takes it down, or I will take him down, i guess.
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