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  1. I'm a lucky boy. Muscle Museum Showbiz Unintended New Born x4 Bliss x4 Space Dementia Hyper Music Plug in Baby x7 Citizen Erased x4 Micro Cuts x2 Screenager Darkshines Feeling Good x3 Megalomania Dead Star x3 Futurism x2 Time is Running Out x6 Sing for Absolution Stockholm Syndrome x5 Interlude x4 Hysteria x6 Blackout Butterflies and Hurricnaes Ruled by Secrecy Take a Bow Starlight x5 Supermassive Black Hole x6 Map of the Problematique x2 Assassin x2 Knights of Cydonia x7 Uprising x6 Resistance x3 Undisclosed Desires x3 United States of Eurasia x2 Guiding Light Unnatural Selection x2 MK Ultra Overture Supremacy Madness x2 Panic Station Survival Follow Me Animals Liquid State Unsustainable Isolated System x2 Dead Inside x2 [Drill Sergeant] Psycho x3 Mercy x2 Reapers x3 The Handler x2 [JFK] The Globalist Agitated x2 Yes Please Nishe Fury Easily Glorious Helsinki Jam MK Jam Monty Jam Munich Jam x3 Dracula Mountain
  2. Is anyone expecting them to play any of the high voted songs before SBE as practice or not until the gig itself and a couple show immediately after?
  3. My captcha style test is literally a box that you just click once and it verifies you're not a computer program. Didn't see what you're all describing
  4. Stockholm Syndrome Hysteria Bliss Supermassive Black Hole Map of the Problematique Butterflies and Hurricanes Hoodoo New Born The Handler Citizen Erased Megalomania Unnatural Selection Hyper Music Time is Running Out Panic Station Bliss Survival Supremacy City of Delusion Knights of Cydonia
  5. New Born Shrinking Universe MK Ultra Stockholm Syndrome Hyper Music Citizen Erased Soaked Apocalypse Please Cave Supremacy Butterflies and Hurricanes Exo Politics Plug in Baby House of the Rising Sun Supermassive Black Hole Hysteria Reapers Showbiz Bliss Knights of Cydonia
  6. Knights of Cydonia Dead Star MK Ultra Shrinking Universe City of Delusion Map of the Problematique The Small Print Assassin Space Dementia Supremacy Darkshines Time is Running Out Bliss Survival Take a Bow Showbiz The Handler Stockholm Syndrome (Probably a bit too much falsetto)
  7. Ideal Feasible Glastonbury Psycho Plug in Baby Dead Inside Map of the Problematique The Handler Stockholm Syndrome Supermassive Black Hole Starlight Apocalypse Please Butterflies and Hurricanes Defector Time Is Running Out Uprising Reapers Take a Bow Hysteria Mercy Knights of Cydonia
  8. Psycho New Born The Small Print Defector Map of the Problematique Dead Inside Sing for Absolution City of Delusion Assassin Butterflies and Hurricanes Ruled by Secrecy Megalomania Unnatural Selection Dark Shines Time is Running Out Mercy Survival Space Dementia Dead Star Stockolm Syndrome Take a Bow
  9. The Psycho Tour returns Psycho Shrinking Universe Citizen Erased Map of the Problematique Lies (Chvrches) Hysteria Stockholm Syndrome (Micro Cuts ouro) Hyper Music Plug in Baby Supermassive Black Hole Mercy Time is Runnnig Out Knights of Cydonia The Handler The Small Print Reapers --------------------- Psycho Hyper Music Defector Dead Star In Your World Hysteria Stockholm Syndrome (Micro Cuts outro) Yes Please Starlight Supermassive Black Hole Uprising Plug in Baby Knights of Cydonia Showbiz MK Ultra Reapers
  10. Plug in Baby Hysteria New Born The Small Print Assassin Butterflies and Hurricanes Exo Politics Citizen Erased Space Dementia Unnatural Selection Hyper Music Map of the Problematique Supermassive Black Hole Time is Running Out Defector Stockholm Syndrome Unsustainable The Handler Bliss
  11. A Psycho tour date for nowadays if they decided to have a bit of fun Psycho Shriking Universe The Small Print Plug in Baby Interlude + Hysteria Stockholm Syndrome + Micro Cuts Outro Hyper Music Yes Please Supermassive Black Hole Lies (Chvches Cover) Uprising Reapers Muscle Museum Time Is Running Out Knights of Cydonia
  12. He never jokes about his work. Anyway.. What's He Building? Stockholm Syndrome Dead Star MK Ultra Supermassive Black Hole Map of the Problematique City of Delusion Fury Citizen Erased Redemption Falling Away With You Sunburn (Guitar) Mercy Uprising Hysteria The Groove Bliss Unsustainable Asassin Reapers ---------- Showbiz
  13. Just seen songs Unsustainable Futurism Dead Star Hyper Music MK Ultra Map of the Problematique Bliss Assassin Citizen Erased Space Dementia Ruled by Secrecy Megalomania Unnatural Selection Darkshines Mercy Survival The Handler Micro Cuts Stockholm Syndrome Take a Bow
  14. Showbiz New Born Hysteria Map of the Problematique MK Ultra Unsustainable Reapers
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