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  1. hahah its a secret to add to the mystery :p It's not about the money... but its always nice to get £80million. Clue...where matt was born!

  2. Oh really?? Hahaha we could buy liverpool for that transfer fee lol! We can let you have the lge cup this year...getting bored of it :p

  3. Hey sorry I have not replied for a while! How are things in your part of the world? It seems we british have been subject to some pretty heavy rain and thunderstorms! :(

  4. hello I still want some help learning russian :p can you help?

  5. ............united :D the red army ftw!!!

  6. really? You a gay?? jokes well seeing how you don't believe in god then he wont mind!!!

  7. no its secret footage off set!!! honest ;) They is Gays like!

  8. I have proof hold on!

  9. I dunno who I love more...Howard or Vince! Btw do you know they are gay?

  10. lol I have meaning of life and life of brian! I love MP

  11. ha I sure do! as English as all the rest! Btw do you like Mighty Boosh??

  12. PUNKY FISH?? WTF?? Er like 2 people who go to church.... and those who are muslims of course

  13. Ha do you love the english accent then? And yes I don't believe there is a God

  14. oi I am just a lil older than you missy! How you been? btw I joined your group :)

  15. BOOO I wouldn't let you....besides it's the Zetas in the sky that you want to throw a shoe at :p

  16. Well being that I live in the UK, you would assume I could have seen them by now...sadly not. All the UK dates sold out in a couple of Hours, I was lucky to get a ticket to see Muse in Lisbon, Portugal!

  17. Amo-te Meia bela! :p xxx

  18. All is good! Nice to hear from you again! I'm working solid and then I am going to Portugal to see MUSE....finally! x

  19. all good in the hood! Am waiting patiently to finally see Muse in Nov!!!

  20. :D thanks for the comment. Awesome jacket!!!
  21. we need to talk about something later hun ;)

    beijo xxx

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