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  1. hello again! how are you?

  2. I'm fine now actually just have to plan for the summer :D time for some nice resting x

  3. no way did I! Am a good boy :p ok so plans for the summer??

  4. Oi oi am not old person....simply older! Lol TOPMAN ftw tho! :p

  5. Hey I wanted to say for the otherday Happy Birthday but I'm afraid I was too late! x

  6. Lol we also have the english version :D I got my one today cos it had a bit about muse in

  7. Really? Can you buy NME in your country?? Has all the best Brit indie music!!! So amazing!

  8. STFU I do too I was just confused because I wasn't aware america knew HMV¬¬¬¬ :( what muse merch exactly??

  9. in one word..... no :p

  10. What what what?? Explain the merch thingy to me!

  11. .....Muse will be awesome....THE RESISTANCE WILL BE EPIC you ok?

  12. Really don't you like Russia?? Are you unhappy unless in England? x

  13. Lol no just everyone in UK wants to see them! Argh seriously it is so annoying when those people who only like TIRO, KoC and Supermassive always get tickets!!! But this year I am seeing them in portugal!!! btw added you on msn

  14. Hey sorry I have been working lots so I only tend to be here late at nights! You ok?? :p

  15. YAY for Muse! I can't wait to hear some of these creepy tracks! Cross pollenation?? wtf

  16. lol we can do this" Watch out muse here we come!!! :D

  17. lolomg the song could brainwash us to carry out the orders of Muse :D be so funny! The french love song one sounds like it could be an endlessly or unintended

  18. lol I want to be the BMX bandit :D

  19. Lol I finally saw the muse tracklistings...some weird songs there! What do you think? x

  20. Hey I see you haven't seen muse live either *offers hugs it sucks big time. I haven't seen them ONCE and I have been a fan since 2000! You have a favourite song at the minute>> x

  21. Hey how you been lil girl :D na you good?

    Am very excitied about the new track lists on resistance

  22. I think the Resistance is gonna be soo fucking awesome after seeing the track listings...bet its Epic!

  23. Whoah this new tracklisting sounds absolutely crazy! Can't wait to finally hear it and see them after!!! :D x

  24. SEPT 14TH THE RESISTANCE! I saw the tracklisting and some of the songs sound just plain crazy!!! Cross pollenation wtf?? :D

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