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  1. I JUST CAN'T TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY. I am trying my hardest to. But every time I see the face, I just instantly think that the person is looking at the computer screen like this:



    Cooly cool. I'll edit these visitor messages so that no-one on here ever knows.

  2. No matter the context, even in the nicest of situations from the most harmless of people, :) is such a soul burning thing. When I just saw two pop up on my page, I didn't quite know how to react. Either way, glad you're all done now. Which uni are you going to? I only remember you bitching about Nelson people all going to either UoC/Lincoln or Vic, one of the two.


    [mod edit: boobs]

  3. Alas, I cannot. I don't really have any free time before I leave :( [mod edit: boobs]


    Have you sorted out your uni applications and stuff? And did your exams go okay?

  4. Leaving the country 13th January son.


    I never told you and I feel bad for not talking to you much, especially now I'm leaving and stuff :(

  5. Hey man, where abouts did you end up? I was one back from barrier directly in front of Jonny :awesome: I also got a setlist!

  6. I was the Twilight person and then it wouldn't let me send messages all of a sudden :supersad:


    I'm better than your channel anyway :phu:

  7. I broke the IRC for myself :( boourns

  8. I'm sure I'll pop over to Ireland at some point :LOL: I mean I'm there for long enough, can't see any reason why I can't stick my nose over.

  9. I chuckled at your comment on my status.

  10. Ungurlind.


    Somewhere up north. Not specific yet, but somewhere.

  11. :LOL: every time I see a notification I fear it's some newbie telling me off. Wouldn't be the first time!


    I don't think so either, but we don't usually post around the same parts. I just always notice you around and like you. But anyway, I'm just wrapping up uni for the year and beginning to freak the shit out about everything related to moving. Other than that, FINE AND DANDY. And yourself?

  12. OMG JENI


    You actually appeared







    I'm moving to the UK in two months and uhh finishing uni and uhh yeah

  13. Babe.


    I'm moving close to you in two months. You can get in my cunt all you want.

  14. Ciaráááááááááááááááááááááááááááááán



  15. loltwelvedayslater. Sorry lad, been pretty busy lately. After procrastinating all the time, I have no time left to myself!


    First year engineering is mostly physics and maths stuff as far as I remember, so it's good that you've at least got a backup (even if sciences is even MORE cliché). I was going to do biomedical sciences at Vic, but instead I stayed in Palmy and suffered the consequences. BUT ANYWAY NOT ABOUT ME, I'm glad that you've found something you're interested in and seem pretty keen on.

  16. Thank you very much <3 and sorry for pestering you bb

  17. You are a massive cunt.


    And I love you for it.

  18. :LOL: oh man. Always bloody Subway. In Palmy there's 4 within a 10 minute walk of each other (of which two are within three minutes if that).


    I'll never be happy without a degree so I know I'll come back. I've already done two years of my current degree, I see no reason why I should rack up a $30k debt just to say I've done a bit of uni :LOL:


    Engineering, how cliché. Apparently I was one of I think two people in my year who actually was eligible for the course from my credits, heh. But that's still neat. You focusing on any area in particular? Like software engineering etc.

  19. Oh that's okay then. My phone bill might not be delighted further on in the month, but #yolo

  20. I don't even know if I'll be in the country in five years. By then I should hopefully have two degrees :LOL:

  21. You wouldn't be offended if I called you during Radiohead then? Like if Planet Telex is played or something

  22. What will you be doing at about 10am on Tuesday the 6th of November?

  23. In Wellington? There's so many god damn Maccy Ds and Subway restaurants down there :LOL: I assume it's the cable car. I went on that when I met Angus for the first time :awesome: fuckers charged me a dollar


    And indeed. Two years is the aim, but who knows what might happen... I hate uni pretty much. Just wanna get away for a bit.

  24. Dom Groon


    Best Muser 2k12



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