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  1. Only reason I know the lyrics is because I have the memory of a elephant :p


    Ooo, you like slightly heavier stuff :awesome:

    Me, I have the weirdest music taste ever, I like electronica, alternative, prog, punk, screamo, a bit of everything :) bands like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Sigur Ros, Pure Reason Revolution, Daft Punk, A Day To Remember and so on :awesome:

  2. Oh, I'm sure I'll do it soon enough :p


    Here, I'm allowed, everything all of the time... (x4)

    *is too lazy to copy and paste*


    So, what other kind of music do you like Brendan? :)

  3. Heh, wrong place ;):LOL:


    We're not scaremongering, this is really happening, happening...


    Radiohead and Muse are completely different though :eek: I can't say I know who is better... *scratches chin*

    I like Radiohead more I think, mainly because I love strong lyrics, and Thom is an absolutely amazing lyricist :yesey:

  4. Ice age coming, ice age coming... Let me hear both sides, let me hear both sides, let me hear both...


    After my friend sent me Idioteque, and I said I absolutely hated it, and I never wanted to listen to the band again, she sent me Where I End And You Begin, and I fell in love with that song :happy: then I got Reckoner, and Videotape, then I got all 7 albums :happy:

    I now think I like Radiohead more than Muse to be honest :eek: but, I still love Muse :yesey:

  5. Who's in a bunker, who's in a bunker? I have seen too much, you haven't seen enough, you haven't seen...

    I laugh until my head comes off, women and children first, and children first, and children...


    I remember when I first heard Radiohead, my friend sent me Idioteque, and I literally hated it. I thought it was boring, repetitive and ghey. :facepalm:

    Now I absolutely love it. :yesey:

  6. :yesey:

    So, Radiohead, eh? :dance:


    *dances to Idioteque* :dance:

  7. O hai tharr :awesome: thanks for the friend add :yesey:

  8. :srsb33f: ftw! :awesome:


    Joo ish teh KoC :awesome: meaning, you are beyond epic, and everyone loves you :awesome: but you're DAMN overrated :LOL: I jest :p


    Oh, a paedo, you say, eh? Well, all the more reason for me to want to do "special things" with you :eyebrows::eyebrows: ;)



    See yah around ;) <333<333

  9. Ruder and more obsessed? Meh, it's a price to pay I suppose, I'd rather have that than people who are contained and proper and hardly ever post :LOL:


    I'm Space Dementia? :eek:

    You are Knights then, an epic song, you're everywhere and never fade from setlists :awesome:


    Anyweez, glad you're on here, and I look forward to more fun times and My00ze spamming!

    Oh, it'll be plenty of those ;) and we can have fun in a few special ways :eyebrows:


    MOAR LUFFZ DEN JOO CUD EVA GIEV :awesome: <3<3<3<3 :kiss::kiss::kiss::kiss::kiss::kiss:

  10. I AM BACK :eek:



  11. REMEMBER ME?! :D


    I have, again, made another return. Yes, again. Fourth or fifth time I think? I'm like a song in a setlist that is only rarely played :awesome:


    So, how's life Dalia?

    I'm bored, and MuseLive is too quiet these days. I notice you just take all the goss from this site and put it on ML :LOL:


    Lots of love

    Sammy :kiss:

  12. It's a little bit scary, I'll be honest with yah :p

    Bah, all these silly emoticons on here are confusing :stunned:


    Anyhoo, I think I might make more of an appearance around the site now, seeing ML is slowly beginning to become nothing but dull :(



  13. *randomly pops up on Ilid's page*


    O HAI :p

  14. You, get on MSN now :p

    I know you're around!



  15. Hehe, I've made another miraculous return! :p

    I should probably hang around here more often, ML is starting to bore me... Who knows, you might see me post for the first time since about August last year :LOL:


    If you're around tonight on MSN (I saw you were on ML!), pop on, I'll be there :p


    Have a nice day/night or whatever, dependent on when you read this :p


    Sammy xoxox :kiss:

  16. :)

    Well, I'm gonna float around .mu for a little bit, just for you! :LOL:

  17. Hey Doodles, I've decided to pop on .mu simply because ML is down at the moment :p

    I'm expecting to leave this site confused as usual :LOL:


    Have a good day!

    Sam :kiss::LOL:

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