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  1. My tweet from about 10 minutes ago: "I can't believe Muse fans still believe the bullshit that circulates about setlists. Of course they didn't fucking play Agitated and YP." The egg is well and truly on my face. Nice that they're bringing back old songs. Don't really like either of the songs but wouldn't mind seeing them live. Not bothered about missing them though.
  2. 1.The 2nd Law: Isolated System 2. Supremacy 3. Supermassive Black Hole 4. Follow Me 5. Starlight 6. Madness 7. Uprising 8. Knights of Cydonia Encore: 9. Time Is Running Out Have they ever closed on TIRO before?
  3. Sweet that seems to work. I'm going to check if my friends want them, if not, I'll be back here.
  4. Damn. Well I would happily give mine away but that seems impossible.
  5. I got two tickets and then found out afterwards that it's only a half hour set. I'm not travelling down for that. Do you need photo ID to get in, or can I just pass my tickets on to someone else?
  6. I went to both nights and this was the better one for me. Setlist was SLIGHTLY better, not massively. The main reason I enjoyed it more was, instead of going right to the front by all the mosh pits and shoving, I went further back, in front of the walkway barrier. Much better atmosphere there. Highlights of the two nights were Dead Star and Sunburn (both of which I had never seen before) and Butterflies and Hurricanes, because that was just a massive surprise.
  7. My code didn't work either. I used my girlfriend's and managed to get through.
  8. Right in the opinion. Crying Shame is a pretty dire song. Not their worst but worth mentioning.
  9. Showbiz: Cave x3 Falling Down Showbiz Unintended Origin of Symmetry: New Born x9 Bliss x2 Space Dementia Hyper Music Plug in Baby x9 Citizen Erased x3 Micro Cuts Screenager Darkshines Feeling Down x5 Megalomania Absolution: Time Is Running Out x9 Stockholm Syndrome x7 Interlude x6 Hysteria x7 Butterflies & Hurricanes Black Holes & Revelations: Take a Bow x2 Starlight x9 Supermassive Black Hole x9 Map of the Problematique x7 Invincible Knights of Cydonia x9 The Resistance: Uprising x8 Resistance x8 Undisclosed Desires x7 United States of Eurasia x5 Guiding Light x4 Unnatural Selection x5 MK Ultra Overture x4 The 2nd Law: Supremacy x2 Madness x2 Panic Station x2 Survival x2 Follow Me x2 Animals x2 Explorers Save Me Liquid State Unsustainable Isolated System Other: Forced In Host Nishe x4 Helsinki Jam x4 MK Jam Monty Jam Popcorn Leeds Festival 2006 Teignmouth 2009 Sheffield 2009 Liverpool Echo 2009 London O2 2009 Manchester LCCC 2010 Leeds Festival 2011 London Roundhouse 2012 London O2 2012
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