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    I live in Perth Australia. I have my whole life. I love Australia. I think everyone in the world is missing out if they've never experienced an Australian summer. I've never been overseas but I am planning a trip to 2009 Glastonbury Festival. *fingers crossed Muse play*
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    Perth, Australia
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    I like being artistic. I like to sew, paint, draw, play music, knit anything hands on that I can look at it after and feel like I've accomplished something.
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    Accountant *vomit*
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    Um... lots. Haha. Muse derr. You Am I, The Pictures, The Strokes, Oasis, Jebediah, Red Jezebel, Powderfinger, The Grates, Franz Ferdinand, Kings of Leon, The Hives, The Presets, Bob Dylan, etcetc.
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    Anything funny. My favorites being anything by Monty Python
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    *ashamed* Australia's Next Top Model :LOL:
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    I'm a huge fan of both Stephen King and Tim Winton.
  1. hi, I was wondering if you have a MUSE tattoo...?

  2. Hey there! :)

    You can always drop by the Board awards and vote for me for the Unsung here award ;)

    link is here - http://board.muse.mu/showthread.php?t=58386


    Happy holidays! :happy:

  3. ah sweet thats awesome...i love you am i too,not many people seem to like em so it's great that you do to :)

  4. hi :) yeah i did. I love You Am I and that song is gorgeous

  5. hey i was just wondering about your signature,did you take it from dilettantes by you am i? if not dont worry its just the same as some lyrics is all....:)

  6. yeah i'm thinking of starting to do some adjustments to it now. first thing is the pickups though. then going for the knobs. but still there's nothing wrong with the stock pickups, i just feel like changing them :LOL:

  7. mannnnn they are mighty fine. Im not too sure about the tone/volume knobz, id probably change them to some black ones, or maybe silver ones, but everything else is hawttttt.

  8. mine's the sexy ebony one too! it's soooo nice. pics:



  9. Ahhh thanks. I really like the shape, thats whats drawn it to me, and the fact that the gibson costs 8 times as much xD I really like the ebony finish as well, what finish does yours have?

  10. yeah i'm still using the stocks but i'm thinking of changing them to a nailbomb & a mq. but i've had no issues with the stocks at all. has some pretty sweet cleans. It sounds better clean than through any behringer pedals :LOL: I seriously would recommend it to anyone that likes that shape, i prefer it, even with the stock pickups to any gibson 335 i've played. it has a nice natural dirty sound to it.

    Just keep in mind they're not amazing at staying in tune, but that goes across ALL 335 shaped guitars, not just the epi's. oh and they're really fn heavy. but you can smash it against any wall without it breaking :)

  11. Ahhh cool, im thinking of getting one. What do you think of the stock pickups, have you changed them? Ive read mixed reviews about them, with a lot of people opting to change the pickups. Anything else you could tell me that would really make me want this guitar?

  12. why yes. yes I do have a epi dot 335. She's gorgeous :)

  13. Sup, was it you that has the Epi Dot?

  14. Thanks for your kind comment to my video :p

  15. Haha of course babeh! Any one that says they can't be sold is a liar. Every girl has her price and damn that amp is sexy.

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