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    I live in Perth Australia. I have my whole life. I love Australia. I think everyone in the world is missing out if they've never experienced an Australian summer. I've never been overseas but I am planning a trip to 2009 Glastonbury Festival. *fingers crossed Muse play*
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    Perth, Australia
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    I like being artistic. I like to sew, paint, draw, play music, knit anything hands on that I can look at it after and feel like I've accomplished something.
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    Accountant *vomit*
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    Um... lots. Haha. Muse derr. You Am I, The Pictures, The Strokes, Oasis, Jebediah, Red Jezebel, Powderfinger, The Grates, Franz Ferdinand, Kings of Leon, The Hives, The Presets, Bob Dylan, etcetc.
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    Anything funny. My favorites being anything by Monty Python
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    *ashamed* Australia's Next Top Model :LOL:
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    I'm a huge fan of both Stephen King and Tim Winton.
  1. hi, I was wondering if you have a MUSE tattoo...?

  2. pros: they look pretty and sound sweet. are well made. popular. are flexible on sounds and can be used for almost any genre cons: i don't have one
  3. Hey there! :)

    You can always drop by the Board awards and vote for me for the Unsung here award ;)

    link is here - http://board.muse.mu/showthread.php?t=58386


    Happy holidays! :happy:

  4. Ooh pretty! Strangely I have the exact same wah sitting on the exact same fail carpet.
  5. tsk tsk moc = short for mattocaster mock = copy/replica scrubs > house > curb your enthusiasm > CSI > prison break > 24
  6. Lol I blew up my sound card. So apparently pre-amps are good.
  7. Never tried the Rode, but I have an SM58, and it's a great mic. The vocals come out sounding nice and clear, and I've used it for recording my guitar as well with no issues. It's pretty much industry standard - atleast around here anyways. Most of the venues in Perth use these mics for live & recording. Just keep in mind that because they're popular and good, there will be a lot of other people around with that Shure sound.
  8. Well... I'd say get a distortion of some kind, because every pedal setup needs a distortion. But whatever you do, don't get a Behringer. It's fucken gay. I'd send you mine for 30pounds. Bit expensive for a doorstop but it is a pretty colour. I don't know how much pedals are there though so I don't even know where to start looking.
  9. have you been stalking me It's okay we can share It's good having another girl round these parts, even one with the same name ahaha.
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