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  1. re early muse items.

    any chance of a photo, of all the items want to sell?.

    best wishes, Lyle.

  2. hi, I have been silenced for speaking the truth about Niall. and given a warning. no Admin even bothered to read Niall's posts, and see for themselve's if my claims were true. what a shame. justice denied yet agian. it seams Niall is not accountable. all the best, to the true collecting community, we now know where we stand, Lyle.
  3. If you care to look through all Niall's posts, you will pick up on the mistakes. Anyone can make mistakes, we have all done it. But Niall has made too many stupid mistakes and stupid comments. As pointed out to me by some serious collectors, who also use this Site. If your an Amin on the Official Muse Site, you should not guess on authenticity of items, if you do not know for certain. And sadly Muse management, think He is the person on the Site too contact regarding Origin of Muse. And I and a few other members, do not think His opinions about other members, should be posted on the Site either. Once you make inaccurate claims about members, it's too late, and trust is lost in the member criticised, even if they can prove Niall is wrong. If He does not like someone, either keep it too Himself, or criticise them in private amongst His friends. As I have said before in this thread, do not trust His opinions or false claims. Muse management should contact the real collectors, if they want help with Origin of Muse.
  4. is this your idea of democracy? I have not made false claims or used bad language towards anyone on this Site, and never will. and yet you threaten to remove my Posts from the Site. yet Niall has made false claims and many errors in His judgements on this Site. I'll give you One example: Niall was asked by member saix24, the copy of Exogenesis 12" Vinyl He/She had opened was a White Vinyl. Niall's reply: 'sounds dodgy indeed, they were only ever in Black'. incorrect, once again from the chosen One Niall. He has made many bad calls on this Official Site, look through His Posts carefully. and you will find them. as you will, his incorrect assertions about other members, if you take the time to read them, like I and other members have. what every member of this website deserves, when an Admin makes a statement, is facts. if you do not know, don't guess or make it up. if you are a Younger Muse fan, who are you to believe, when starting out, in collecting Muse items. it should be Admins. all the best, Lyle.
  5. I accept the Admins work for free. And I accept, there are some awful people on many Websites, who use horrible language towards other users. And their horrible offensive opinions deserve to be removed from all Websites. And I accept most Admins on here do a great job, in cleaning up the Website and removing those offensive remarks. I'm fine with banter, but when an Admin crosses the line, I think that is very wrong. So my original thoughts on Niall remain the same. And if Muse management read His comments about other members, and knew that some of His comments about other members was untrue, and some of His advice was incorrect, they would not be happy?. In my opinion, Niall has misused His position on the Official Muse Website. And I'm not the only Muse fan who feels the same.
  6. Then perhaps I'm following the wrong band? This Website was created by the Band for the fans. Niall is in a privileged position of power as an Admin, in working for Muse/WB. He has the right, if I have read the rules correct to remove any Member from the Site, and any Posts or Threads that Members have created. Yet He can say whatever He likes about other Members, and give incorrect advice to Muse fans. And who will remove those crass remarks?. Find them yourself, it's not hard. This Website does not belong to Him, He should stick to the truth,and absolute facts as an Admin on the Official Muse Site. As we the fans rely on Admins for advice. This Website is for all Muse fans, and not the privileged One. Please forward to Management. All the best, Lyle.
  7. Hi,


    I'm Rod, aka Spaceh, a big Muse collector from France.

    I'd like to tell you that your post about Niall is very interesting, and I completly agree with you.

    Are you also a Muse collector? If so, maybe you know me ;-)


    Best regards


  8. hi, new too the boards. I have been following this Origin of Muse thread, and in the last few Day's reading most of admin Niall's posts and threads on this site. it took me a while. which is why I have now become a member. why would Muse management ask Niall for help with the Origin of Symmetry project? other fan sites would know who the real hardcore collectors out there are. why not ask them?. and after reading through Niall's threads, you have made mistakes with advice to fans. and made some silly comments about other members, in my opinion. not a trustworthy adnin in my opinion. other members should read all his posts and judge for themselves. the real collectors out there will pick up on his mistakes. hope Muse management read this. not the sort of person you really want working for your website. all the best, Lyle.
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