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Roskilde Festival concert to be broadcast


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Please no. :facepalm:


I just tuned in.


Edit: http://sverigesradio.se/sida/default.aspx?programid=2663


It's playing, starting with uprising. It's 1:53am denmark time. Maybe it's recorded and available for a while. Try it!


Sounds great! (Sorry it brings back bad memories for wonderful Dee3Dee who's brought us so many great recordings!)


Edit: OK, it sounds normal great, not brilliant great, but hey, for someone out here with no Muse summer action, this pro recording is still a treat. Thanks for the headsup!

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Yeah, it's available on-demand. Not sure for how long it is, but right now it is! :eek:


Sound's fluctuating a bit in quality, at least in uprising. In the first chorus they for some reason crank up the crowd volume, then crank it way down again. :LOL: However, they seem to get it sorted out. Kaoss Jam sounds sweet!


Just wish there was accompanying video. Although, if DR is to be believed, there will be eventually.


EDIT: Finished with it, and the sound is actually very good, I can hear everything! (except for the crowd :'( ) They do however do some weird thing towards the end of stockholm where they just turn down the drums. But otherwise, that sounded really great!

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