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  1. No idea. It certainly won't be for a while. I'll ask my mate when I see him next but I don't he'll know either. It'd be down to the label/band I would think.

  2. Is there any approximate date for the Mastodon Live DVD to be released? I know it was just filmed, but I'm curious is all.

  3. Songs I think from OoS that they will no longer play after the festivals: Space Dementia Hyper Music Micro Cuts Screenager Darkshines Feeling Good (oh god I hope! ) Megalomania Songs that I'm on the fence about is Bliss and Citizen Erased. I would like to think they would play those every now and then. I'm almost certain they'll keep New Born and Plug In Baby. Now how about poor Showbiz, nothing gets played from that except Unintended and that's rarely
  4. I'm doing good thanks. Dude I saw your favorite bands list on your profile and I noticed you like CKY and HIM. I'm a big fan of both. What's your favorite CKY album?

  5. its going buddy. hows ur day? just hanging out here. cheers

  6. Hey, how's it going?

  7. Dang can't believe Muse is losing to Tokio Hotel...Never even heard of them.
  8. I know that's retarded. If they have Supermassive on GH3 why release it for the latest, thought you could import downloaded songs anyway.
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