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  1. Yes, agree. I think it will be good. I've seen the pyro already, and it will be cool to see the show in a really dark space. As long as the sound is good, a bit nervous about that! And a bit conserned how the temperature will be in the arena. If it's a warm day, it will be absolutely horrible inside.
  2. It's a bit strange. The venue is maybe a bit smaller than Ullevaal, but not much. I think Ullevaal has around 25 000, at least thats the capasity at the Green Day gig this sunday.
  3. Yeah, the sound has not been good when i've been there. But transport has been ok. Took a taxi, expensive but did not have to wait long. Would've loved to have the whole stage set-up, pyro and everything. It was totally awesome at Emirates. No chance for that in Telenor Arena
  4. On the news page at Ullevaal-stadion.no they had "moved to Telenor arena" added in the headline. But they've removed it now, so I have no idea whats going on. Positives with Telenor: It will be dark. Negatives: It's a SHIT place
  5. You might not need the bus to Nydalen, cause yesterday the home page of ullevaal stadium said the concert was moved to Telenor Arena. But now they've removed the info, so I have no idea whats happening. I know that lines 3, 4 and 6 on the subway (T-banen) goes to Ullevaal. http://tbanen.no/linjekart.aspx . The tram: nr 17 and 18 from the centre of the city to somewhere near the stadium. I'm not to familiar with the buses. Depends on where in the city you're staying. If you're gonna stay in the centre of the city, you will probably have to change buses to get there. Bus nr 37: The bus does not stop close to the stadium (I think! Not to good with the buses! =D) I would go with the subway, much easier. If the consert is moved to Telenor Arena, they usually set up shuttle buses from downtown.
  6. Moved from Ullevaal to Telenor Arena? According to http://www.ullevaal-stadion.no/
  7. Telenor Arena i stedet for Ullevaal? I følge http://www.ullevaal-stadion.no/
  8. Glad to help .Found this info on a "visit norway" facebook page: "If you plan to take the Rygge Express bus the ISIC international card is accepted."
  9. If you're looking for a not-too-expensive hotel, i think Comfort Hotel Express one of the cheapest. I've stayed there once, 2-3 years ago when they had just opened, and thought it was alright. https://www.nordicchoicehotels.com/Comfort/Comfort-Hotel-Xpress/ Things to see? Well, it's of course the standard tourist attractions like the opera house, the ski jumping hill in Holmenkollen, Vigelands Park, viking ship museum, Munch-museum. You'll find a lot of information here: http://www.visitoslo.com/en/
  10. I'm going! Working that day, but will hopefully be at Ullevaal in time for the gig. What sort of advice are you looking for? Hotels, tourist attractions and stuff like that?? The first thing you need to know is that it's expensive here! But i'm sure you know that already, it's sort of what we're famous for And the audience can be a bit reserved and boring. But hopefully people will let loose a bit on the 24th
  11. Heldig! Bedre med litt Muse enn ingen Muse JA TAKK til den setlista! Er jo lov å drømme
  12. Store høydepunktet i helga for meg var Dead Star på lørdagen. Har et stort ønske om at de spiller Fury i Oslo, er jo lov å drømme . Og er enig i at Wembley i 2010 nok var bedre. Ikke lett å slå den oppvisningen.
  13. Spent på om de skal ha den samme scenen/pyroen i Norge som de brukte på Emirates. I så fall kommer de som kjører forbi Ullevaal/ Brann stadion til å få flammesjokk Satan så bra London var!
  14. De bør vel komme på en eller annen festival her til lands til neste sommer. Men en reprise av Koengen hadde helt klart vært å foretrekke!
  15. Har hatt veldig lyst til å reise til UK/Europa , men lommeboka mi har ikke så lyst.... Regner med det blir noen stor stadionkonserter til neste år, så får spare til det
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