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What is the first thing you loved about Muse


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Let's share our feelings.

What's the first song you heard and what you loved. 

I first heard Stockholm syndrome. Dom really sounds perfectly in this song and that riff at the end is absolutely genius. Matt is a magnificent musician.

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Kind of hard to explain but it was the nature of their melody. I'd heard big chorus stadium filling rock but there was something a lot more direct and powerful and soaring in Muse's theatrics. At least from the earlier albums. It was pretty mesmerizing on a first exposure.

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I heard Bliss on the radio back in 2001 I guess 🤔 I loved the melody, the rocking guitar ... 

years later I finally got hooked by Supremacy (yes, radio again ..) this massive orchestral Bond-sound an Matts vocals.  

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New Born riff

Muscle Museum bass line

Bliss synths / organ

Dead Star soundtracking the ads for Kerrang mag

Stockholm Syndrome release and the solar camera video

The launch of the old white Muse website (pre-Absolution, iirc?)

The hype for Earls Court

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The first song I ever was Supermassive Blackhole from the first Twilight movie but at that time I didn't realize it was them until a few years ago but hearing their songs I Belong to You from New Moon and Neutron Star Collison from Eclipse I said to myself I got to check this band out. Now I'm  absolutely in love with this band not only is their music amazing but from what I've seen on YouTube videos they're very nice to their fans. It would make one of my dreams come true to meet Muse.

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