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  1. I can anticipate trolls trying to fuck up our chances of getting something awesome.
  2. Just saw the Atlanta setlist. I've never rolled my eyes so hard in my entire life. I get my hopes up too high.
  3. When they play that crap, I'll be getting in line for a drink. I haven't looked at any setlists yet. I'll probably cave.
  4. HOLY moly, it's so close. Everyone in the pit?
  5. Unfortunately, Bellz doesn't post or even look at this forum so you'd have more luck talking to the kids in Kit & Tab about guitar choices.
  6. the aurora

    New member

    Welcome! We don't really allow intro threads since we'd rather have new members jump into threads they're interested right away. Happy posting!
  7. Chris finally sent his in.
  8. He answered general ones, too.
  9. I hope Mark plays his guitar very well tonight. (They don't read the boards and please search before posting new threads)
  10. Members were asked to send in their questions for the band a while ago so that's already ended. This thread is to discuss Matt's answers to some of the questions.
  11. I was really excited to read that. Also, he answered my question and I totally fangirled last night.
  12. Maybe Dom or Chris will answer. Also, Matt could answer more later.
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