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  1. can't get in touch on the phone either. line is busy. wtf.
  2. that blows. been seeing this band since 2006, was excited at the prospect of seeing them at a small venue playing the songs i like best (if the setlists from the EU/UK dates are any indication of what they'll play) and my code didn't work! i had my brother's code, as well, and that didn't work, either.
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  4. love you (d)avey tare (portner) huge fan.

  5. Â how was the msg show? i went to the one in philly instead (saved me some major cash).. did i miss out on much or was it just a typical Muse show? (which is still quite amazing, but if it was generic then i don't feel too bad about being cheap) Â sorry if i'm getting off topic. i just don't wanna have to read through the old thread - i figure it will be quicker just to get a quick answer.
  6. having seen Muse 3 times in GA, i must say that being "front row" is amazing (i was right in front of matt at the last MSG show). however, if you're a few people behind the experience is just as amazing (i'm only like 5 foot 6, so this is coming from someone who's not too tall). if they're going to have the same stage set-up as they did on the European leg of the tour, then you might want to be a few people behind so you can see everything! also, being a bit behind allows you to dance around more. when you're in the front, you have that bar digging into your chest and people all pushing you into it from behind. i should be in line at like 3 or 4 so i'll see you all there
  7. i just picked up Origin of Symmetry on vinyl this past weekend. i'm listening to it right now, and i must say, it is making me so excited for this show. it's a shame they'll only be playing a few songs from the album though! SCREW FEELING GOOD I WANT CITIZEN ERASED
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