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  1. Hello!!!!!! Wellllll it's been like 3 years since I've been here. Saw your message from 3 years ago. Lemme know if you're still around

  2. that's just such a fail comment.
  3. The service fees seem way higher from what i remember (I got charged almost $15 for the service fee, which is absurd) especially with the paperless ticket stuff. I feel back then people were more willing to spend money, whereas now we're getting older and many of us are realising that we need to save more and be more picky about which shows to go to. Some are skipping seeing muse the time around in order to see other bands maybe because it may not fit in their budget to see them and another band. Some say $10 or £10 difference isn't that big of a deal, but it really depends who you are talking to and if people still have the same jobs or are laid off or not getting promoted. There are so many factors that play into it and lets not forget some people are probably just not fans anymore. Traveling from the US to the UK is wose now than it was back then. The prices are MUCH higher now, and I know because my family and I travel there quite often. Plus many had holiday bonuses coming up and the London gigs were in September during the TR tour, so it worked out for people to use it in advance for plane tickets and what not.
  4. I just remember during the TR tour people were way more intense about it all. The forum here was insane packed SO many people were traveling from the States to see UK gigs and overall it was just very lively and maybe bc tickets were a bit cheaper then. It was intense and some of those same people have fallen off and no longer are hardcore fans anymore after that. I feel like people in general many just overdosed on muse and just cut them off now. Or maybe they still like the music but don't like the forum anymore and are done going to their gigs as it is draining their accounts to see them?
  5. I'm unable to go to this gig anymore and GA/Pit is sold out and thought hey I can sell it through TicketExchange and some lucky person who was waiting and hoping for a GA/Pit ticket will have a chance. Well guess what that's not the case. There is no option for this gig to sell tickets through TicketExchange. So I'm out 70 or so dollars and no one else will be able to take my place. This whole paperless ticket thing is total bullshit. I'm also not going to spend $100 on gas in order to show up to swipe my CC to let whomever I sell my ticket to to gain entry. So all I can say is I feel horrible that I've basically screwed someone out of being able to experience this concert in the GA/Pit area. Hopefully they will change their mind and allow for a TicketExchange option. I contacted ticketmaster and all they said was: "Thanks for your email. Sorry for any inconvenience. Unfortunately, not all event tickets are able to be bought or sold via TicketExchange (bummer, we know!). " Yes it is a bummer.
  6. ^ Yeah I briefly left the room and heard he was going to sing 'starlight' so I ran back. Ugh it was bad...I'm assuming they all never heard the original bc the cover was just horrendous and it was just sad. I was shocked that the judges said they liked it. Why did he think that song would suit his style...so not his niche and he admitted he was struggling with it during rehearsal.
  7. hahaa! That's what I was thinking. When he was bobbing his head at first and then that awkward moment of realisation of "oh that's my song......be cool"
  8. I recommend getting there as early as you can make it. You'll be in good company and it won't be time wasted.
  9. All I see are usernames so had no idea where you lived. I wasn't assuming you were from the US though...as many on this forum aren't even from the US lol. I was only stating what I knew in regards to textbooks discussing the topic. Lol at least your books sacrificed images for text on the topic. I think ours just had one tiny tiny paragraph about it and then had to do own research and then learned more in Uni.
  10. On the very young it can be a problem bc it can desensitize them to violence. Not saying it will for sure but it could especially with how realistic some games look these days. With the older like teens+ it's different bc they should be able to understand. But it's funny that they don't want to expose a video game nipple to a teen when they could easily go online and watch porn quite easily.
  11. Ooh yeah that is very true. I know in movies sexual violence is given R ratings where certain consensual scenes are given NC-17 ratings. I remember when in Blue Valentine he went down on her, they didnt show anything but it was obvious and it was enough for them to be like NC-17 but disturbing rape scenes get slapped w an R rating. Ratings here are just so random tbh.
  12. Japan's modern flag just has the sun on it...white flag and red sun in middle. In regards to not seeing it in your textbook...Japan's involvement in WWII is discussed differently in Japan, the US and China. It's barely discussed in American textbooks unless you are in University and specialize in Asian Hisyory or take classes focused on Asian history.
  13. lol I never understand that. Songs which contain lyrics regarding sex, violence or sexual violence are okay but oh no not those swear words!
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