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Muse 23rd on midyear tour chart (Billboard)


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Most of the touring business news so far this summer has been about cancellations and slumping sales, but a look at the most successful tours of the first half of this year shows that some acts are doing bang-up business. As a sampling of what's working on the road this year, the list is ideal in that it crosses a wide range of demographics and genres. Along with AC/DC, Billy Joel/Elton John and Bon Jovi, the top 25 includes plenty of relatively new headliners and creative concepts, among them Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Michael Bublé, Tiësto and the James Taylor/Carole King and George Strait/Reba packages. The list is compiled from Billboard Boxscore data reported for the issues of Nov. 28, 2009, through June 19, 2010.


.....Joel and John are expected to be among the top box-office performers, but a band that few predicted to be among this year's elite is Muse, which rang up $16 million and 326,563 in attendance from 25 shows reported. ICM senior VP of concerts Marsha Vlasic, Muse's agent for the last decade, says the band has made great strides in North America. The last time it toured significantly in North America it played smaller-capacity configurations in arenas, and the band was prepared to do the same this time.


"I anticipated they would do bigger business this time, but they outperformed any of our expectations," Vlasic says. "We were going to set some buildings up in smaller configurations, and [instead] in some buildings we went 360."




(based on gross figures)

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Didn't Matt say they might break even?


Well I remember he said that the arena set cost $2 million (in Rolling Stone?) but I've no idea what the transport and additional production and lighting etc costs.

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MUSE The Resistance Tour (September 2009 - December 2010) Projected Gross (US$) by Territory


$5 million - Asia (8 shows)


$10 million - Australia/New Zealand (14 shows)


$20 million - United Kingdom (14 shows)


$30 million - North America (59 shows)


$50 million - Rest of Europe (49 shows)


$115 million - Total (144 shows)


The gross figures above include both estimated concert ticket sales reported to Billboard and Pollstar and festival headliner fees and U2 tour support fees last fall in the USA. It may be difficult for Muse to break even in North America since daily tour costs may average $300k or more and they keep their ticket prices reasonable. The band should come out ahead in Europe however especially with their stadium shows since they charge slightly higher ticket prices there.


By comparison it cost U2 about $750k daily to keep their 360 tour on the road because of the elaborate stage setup and their 400 member tour crew. Muse may have close to 140 members in their road crew plus many trucks and buses for transport plus food and hotel lodging. Other costs deducted from the gross touring figures include three different stages (arena, stadium and festival), support bands fees, tour manager, booking agent, business manager, public relations, acccountants, lawyers, etc and then whatever is net they must pay taxes too.

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Worldwide tours, album sales, corporate endorsements, and entrepreneurial enterprises have helped secure the top-earning musicians for 2010, Forbes has revealed with their newly published Top Ten list of earners calculated on the earnings from the last financial year (June 2009 through June 2010):


1. U2 ($130 million)

2. AC/DC ($114 million)

3. Beyoncé ($87 million)

4. Bruce Springsteen ($70 million)

5. Britney Spears ($64 million)

6. Jay-Z ($63 million)

7. Lady Gaga ($62 million)

8. Madonna ($58 million)

9. Kenny Chesney ($50 million)

10. Black Eyed Peas, Coldplay and Toby Keith ($48 million)


Muse ($30-35 million) estimated earnings during the same period above and estimated total net earnings of $45-50 million (£32 million) for the entire Resistance tour (September 2009 through December 2010) which also includes album sales and song royalties.

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and if the tour cost them $300,000, they are barely break even. The average seating is abotu 13,000, and if they sold tickets at $40 each, that's $500,000, about. Then there's the money for the warm up act and other costs, and it's not a winning proposition. Except for the fans, that is, and their record sales.



Tex Shelters

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