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  1. fair point re the cam footage, just saying the same level of crowd interaction doesn't come accross on the videos of Glasgow and now the o2 i've seen - not much action at the barrier during the start of supremacy, not much of a shout of 'supremaccccccy'. Crowd was going nuts in France and the high pitched crowd was noticable Standing by my hysteria comment though, piss poor atm - its as bad as Supremacy is now good. I'd rather get MoTP I think.
  2. Unsus, Supremacy (matts voice sounds amazing) & Hysteria http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YGbqACEmSo UK crowds seem a bit subdued compared to what we've seen so far Oh, and it might just be me but Hysteria is sounding distinctly sloppy this tour.
  3. I'm about the same as this. Better than TR but not even close to BHAR even. The ridiculously ignored CoD is better than every song on this album apart from animals.
  4. I love a bit of funk and find myself busting some moves metaphorically to this but can't help feeling this has all been done before 30 years ago and better.
  5. Yes, I hate the m-m-m-m-m- nonsense more than scraping my nuts with a cheesegrater and the song takes sooo long to get going i'll skip the track on CD but i've just watched a video from Cologne and I reckon this is going to be surprisingly popular live.
  6. Best thing Muse have put out in 4 years and has kept my interest in the band after losing the faith somewhat. Keep playing this over and over ahead of all the other new releases.
  7. Is this an official alternative sustainable video?
  8. Most of which involved him shouting. Couldn't even sing the backing vocals without a vocoder on Resistance! As I said, not sure why these songs are being lauded as T2L's saviours given this but I am prepared to be amazed.
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