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  1. I just listened to that ABBA song and I can totally hear the similarity! For the record, I like US too.
  2. I agree, I know very few people who have even heard of Muse, never mind Matt. Although that may be changing now that he's all over the tabloids and celebrity gossip. Maybe that's his real reason for finding a famous girlfriend... he wants to get famous and have his own line of guitars!
  3. Sorry if this has been posted before; I searched and couldn't find it. It's actually Hugh Manson talking about how he met Matt - and how he's unable to find a manufacturer willing to make a mass-produced line of Bellamy guitars because Matt apparently isn't famous enough:
  4. It reminds me of that stupid song from Grease: "Tell me more, tell me more..."
  5. Me too, tending toward hate. I think the song could be much better without it.
  6. On Jeopardy the other night the Final Jeopardy category was "The 9 Muses" (The clue was "In a Balanchine ballet, Apollo, god of music, has a favorite muse: this one." I was totally stumped but the answer was Terpsichore, muse of dancing.)
  7. Google it as "mat kirkby" (with one t) and you will find much, much more - including what he is doing now. Here's one bio that came up: http://www.rsafilms.com/company/rsa-uk/interactive/director/mat-kirkby
  8. And here's another list of his videos: http://www.mvdbase.com/tech.php?last=Kirkby&first=Mat Although here his name is spelled Mat Kirkby, and Hysteria is not listed. Edit: I think Mat Kirkby is the right spelling - google that and you'll find a lot more stuff.
  9. Right, because this thread is to discuss the Def Leppard album, not the Muse song.
  10. It's a fairly long article so I'll just quote the parts where Muse is mentioned: I think I read somewhere that one of the guys (Dom maybe?) said he doesn't particularly like prog rock and doesn't think Muse fits in that genre. The article also points out that a lot of prog rock bands, when signed by major labels, are pressured to make more radio-friendly songs. Seems like Muse has certainly faced that pressure.
  11. Most of those songs are about breakups or unrequited love... not exactly happy topics.
  12. Only three more months people! It's been almost that long since tickets went on sale, so it'll be here before we know it. October 23 can't come fast enough! I'm still debating whether to grab some tickets for the New Jersey show the next day too... I can't really afford it, but I desperately want to go to both shows. Maybe I'll ask for tix for the NJ show for my birthday.
  13. I rather like this song. It's catchy and it gets stuck in my head everytime I listen to it.
  14. I think that FB page is actually a joke.... it's being discussed over in this thread: http://board.muse.mu/showthread.php?t=76267&page=20
  15. Nickelback is #11, but Muse is only #23? There's something seriously wrong with that picture. I can't believe people actually pay money to go see Nickelback.
  16. I was watching an extremely cheesy, low budget sci-fi movie called Star Quest: The Odyssey (seriously, don't waste your time with this movie, it was so bad) and anyway, one of the trailers on it was for another low budget sci-fi movie called... ALIEN UPRISING.
  17. I agree, and I also think opening for U2 provided a huge boost for Muse in America. Their success here is probably a combination of GH, U2, and Twilight. Hard to say which was the most influential but I think they'd be doing well here even if Twilight never existed.
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