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Holy Ficken Dam XD check this link out


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"The name of someone who is THE fuckin boss and who will smack his hoe if she steps out of line. Do not fuck with this kid or you will get a cockprint on your face bigger than a truck."


"Words cannot describe the awesomeness of this character. Those who bear this name are blessed by all the Gods and by life itself. Every fibre of their being resonates with immense power and unimaginable strength.


To truly understand the power this name bears, you would have to throw yourself into a black hole, or a Sun, to be embraced by its indescribable power and its pure, raw energy."



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3. Muse

Only the most amazing, melodically creative band that exists/has ever existed/will ever exist. They show such a sparkling array of talent that it puts every talented person to shame.

The 3 greatest men ever. 'Sex' in human form.

Jon: I saw Muse live last night, then went home and listened to them on my hi-fi. I had such a boner on both occasions. They are the best.

James: I so agree. I used to slag them off, but now i love them more than i love my family. They rock.


Best definition on there :LOL:

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Oh yes, Urban Dictionary. :chuckle:Almost as good as Uncyclopedia. Compare the lolz:


Matt Bellamy

The anthropomorphic personification of sex

Matt Bellamy is the sex!!!


Chris Wolstenholme

The coolest guy on the planet. Bassist for the British band Muse. Known to be incredibly fertile so advisable not to stand too close (males or females)

Chris Wolstenholme is a legend!



Now go and read THIS. It's got some lolzy gold, like the very top:



Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Radiohead?


:LOL: Scroll down farther and you can see which member of Muse is the original Doctor (duh!), which one is actually a black hole, which one's goal is to make Thom Yorke cry, and how Muse plans to dominate the Earth.


Another Muse conspiracy is the song Assassin, which was created to destroy future rival bands. Any drummers attempting to play Assassin would find that they end up hitting themselves in the face and/or crotch with their sticks, thus ruining the potential of other bands trying to challenge Muse and granting them universal supremacy over everything.
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