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    Muse, Detroit Social Club, David Bowie, Placebo, Lou Reed, The Velvet Underground, Misfits, Stiff Little Fingers, The Clash, Tom Waits, Sex Pistols, The Stooges, Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel, Alice in Chains, The Smashing Pumpkins, Love Amongst Ruin, Soundgarden, Foo Fighters, The Doors, Jefferson Airplane, Queens of the Stoneage, Jeff Buckley, Kings of Leon, Stone Roses, Rachel Stamp
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    Velvet Goldmine, Fight Club High Fidelity, Reqieum For a Dream, Engel & Joe, American Beauty, Milk, Bent
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    The Inbetweeners
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    The Picture of Dorian Gray, Margret Atwood, Angela Carter,1984, Utopia, Tony Hoagland, Ivan Martin Jirous, Egon Bondy
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    Origin Of Symmetry
    Black Holes & Revelations
    The Resistance
    Hullabaloo Soundtrack
    Hullabaloo DVD
    Absolution Tour DVD
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    London O2 - 13 Nov. 2009
    Wembley Stadium - 10th Sep 2010
  1. Hello! It's great to hear from you after such a long time! :happy: How have you been?

  2. Just stop by after months of not being here to show some love :kiss:

  3. Hey Tabina!

    I'm terribly sorry for the late response! :supersad: I haven't been online for 2 whole months, I've been so busy with studying. I hope you can forgive me. :(

    I wish you a very nice week and I'm looking forward to hear from you soon! :kiss:

  4. Wish you a happy new year :happy:

    Hope you're fine :)

  5. Hi!

    I'm fine and you :happy:?

    Merry Christmas to you as well, hope you had a nice time :)!!


  6. Hey! How are you? Merry christmas! :happy:

  7. Stopping by to wish you lovely Christmas! :xmas::kiss:

  8. Helllooooo :D

    It has been AGES :supersad: how've you been? I've been great but really stressed out with school stuff and my application for university :( Ah well, it's good to hear from you :happy:

    You went to a White Lies concert!!! You're so lucky! And it sounded like it was INCREDIBLE! I love your t-shirt too. The last gig I went to was a band called Detroit Social Club (who are AMAAAAAZING. They're one of my favourite new bands to come out in years!

    ) And the gig was unbelieveable. It was really small. I was right and the front and.. there was no barrier between the stage and crowd so everyone was grabbing the band members :chuckle: and I got a plectrum! I think they're going to be huge. They've already done so well with just their first album and now they've left their record label because they want to do it completely alone so they don't have to compromise their music. I respect them so much for that! They've started their own record label called FuckPop :LOL:

    Aww our snow is finished for the year, I think. It was nice but most of it just went slushy and grey haha!

    Hope all is well for you :kiss:

  9. Hello there! How are you doing these days? I hope everything's great, it's been yonks since we last spoke! I hope you'll have time to log in soon, it would be nice to exchange a few words again. :happy:

    I've been good, everything's the same here. It's been snowing for the past 7 days which I really love. I heard you have plenty of the white sticky stuff in London as well. Do you like it?

    Omg, guess where I was this week! At a White Lies concert in our capital! :awesome: If you're interested, you can read a short description here. :happy:

  10. Ah you're welcome! It's the least I could do :D

    School has taken it out of me too, I'm applying to universities now.. hope somewhere takes me :chuckle: And besides that I've been to a wedding that was on the other side of the country :awesome: so nice!

    You know, it's been ages since I've listened to Muse (at least it's felt like it :ninja:) and today I heard Sunburn again and think my obsession is coming back!

    Hope you're good :kiss:

  11. Oh my, this is such a wonderful surprise! :awesome: Thank you very much, Tabina! :kiss:

    Of course I haven't forgotten you, how could I? :)

    I'm doing good at the moment, I'm concentrating on school and lurking here a bit as well :ninja: How about you? I hope studying doesn't keep you too busy!

  12. Kristina this is so late but I hope you can forgive me!!




    I hope you haven't forgotten me :chuckle:, I've been rubbish with coming on here :(

    How are you?

    I'm sooo glad to hear that you had such an amazing day at Wembley!! xx

  13. Oh no, I thought I answered you :facepalm:

    On Sat we were standing 3rd row behind the barrier, where Matt, Dom and Chris were standing on the platform, so farer away from the stage, but we could see them :) At least better than Friday where I stood much nearer to the stage and didn't see anything (I was too busy to survive)!

    And they also took out lots of people on Sat, especially during Biffy :eek:

    I also loved Butterflies&Hurricanes, it's one of my favourite songs :happy: TaB and IbtY were fantastic too although I nearly heard nothing of the french part (thanks to all the French people around me ^^)

    On Sat it was epic to hear Bliss and Citizen Erased :awesome: But I was really happy to hear MK Ultra, MotP and Ruled by Secrecy too!

    Me and a friend got really hysteric when we heard the intro of Citizen :chuckle:

    No, I don't think he's here too :(

    Do you have Facebook or Twitter :)?

  14. Heeeey! :awesome:

    Oh my God, Saturday was the best night of my life!! I enjoyed it so much, it's such a shame it was over so quickly :(

    How close were you to the stage? I didn't queue up at all because I didn't plan to try for barrier, I was at the sounddesk on the left. You know the one where Kirk used to be :D

    I loved your setlist, you got B&H and IBTY :awesome: I've always wanted to hear Butterflies, but maybe the next time then :)

    Tell me everything about Friday evening! What did you feel when you first saw the enormous stage? (I was blown away :awesome:) Did you like the supports? Did you catch anything (Dom's drumsticks, a GL streamer, eyeballoon confetti?)

    Sorry for the load of questions :$



    Guess what I found out yesterday! White Lies are going to play here in Slovenia at the end of November!! :awesome:


  15. Aww yeah I saw quite a few people being taken out because they were feeling sick :( They really should have put in a golden circle this year. I'm glad that you guys had a great view.. it must have been amazing being that close to them!! :eek: How far from the stage were you on Sat?

    :LOL: the mosh pits are so scary especially during KoC

    My favourites were Butterflies and Hurricanes and Take a Bow, I've been waiting so long to hear these! I Belong to You was a lovely surpirse :happy: and Knights of Cydonia was is always epic! What were your favourites?

    Oh yeah! Do you know if Adam is on the muse board too?

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