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Easy Muse piano songs question.


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yeah i agree with what everyone else is saying, i play piano a lot and i taught my sister who doesn't play newborn, sunburn, the intro to resistance and the little piano riff thing in MoTP. :)


i do not recommend B&H for any beginners! hhaha :LOL:

and exogenesis 2 is really hard cos my fingers don't reach octaves very well at all :( so apocaplypse please was annoying to learn, but instead of playing F#, A C# and F#, i just cut out the first F# kinda thing? so that should be easy too :D


also this is probably a very old thread and i just remembered i forgot to check! i don't get on here often.

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I bought a brilliant digi-piano sometime last year, with no experience whatsoever on the instrument, first "song" I learnt was the B&H solo, then moved onto Space Dementia.


Get in at the deep end and start playing what you think sounds good, it'll be satisfying in the end because it's awesome, not because it's easy.


On topic, Feeling Good is probably the easiest full song to learn.

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About a year ago, I was just teaching myself Muse songs, too :D


They've all been said, but I want my turn :LOL:

Easiest = Starlight, New Born intro, Conscience (3 notes repeating :awesome: ) , Sunburn intro, resistance intro, In Your World Intro, even Exogenesis(Redemption) - I could play the whole song when I was a beginner, just by spending a lot of time & effort on it :thumbsup: Ruled By Secrecy isn't too bad, either


Right now I've sort of got the hang of the Apocalypse Please intro, as well as the USoE intro (which is AWESOME!)


Next I want to learn the whole of Hoodoo :happy:


& its like my life mission to be able to play all of Citizen Erased on piano :eek::happy:

& Piano Thing

& Soaked

& B&H

& Exogenesis (Cross-Pollination)







But yeah, CE would be amazing :]




Good luck with playing Muse on the piano!! Its so much fun once you get into it :thumbsup: And rewarding, too :yesey:

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Muse piano always sounds amazing, but is surprisingly simple. I've compiled a list of easiest to hardest songs.


Resistance intro - Just really easy. LH is just single notes, RH easy too.


New Born - Very easy to play, once you get the rhythm down and the triads it's easy.


Exogenesis Part 3 - Also really easy, not much too say.


Apocalypse Please is easy if you can read music (or just follow YouTube tutorials), but you need to be able to comfortably reach octaves.


Hate This & I'll Love You intro - Easy, but timings are slightly more difficult.


Starlight intro - RH is easy, but I do a slightly more complex LH rhythm, not too hard.


Sing For Absolution intro - I play the right hand piano and left hand mimicking the bass line. Pretty easy.


Endlessly - Chords, easy. Don't have to stretch your hand too much either.


Sunburn - Took me about half an hour to get down, which is a long time for me for such a basic song. Easy though, especially with such a simple left hand. I advise you learn the RH and play that before adding in the LH.


Cave outro - great fun, quite easy, and you don't need massive hands.


Feeling Good - also very easy if you can read sheet music, but it's starting to get into slight more advanced chords and LH.


Unnatural Selection intro - If you have an organ sound on your keyboard, it's good fun.


Megalomania - Ditto above. Great fun and just chords. Very powerful.


In Your World intro - just pretty easy.


CE - Beautiful to play, and not too hard. Just chords again. I add in the Abso Tour Take A Bow interlude, which is good fun.


I Belong To You - Great fun and not too hard, the bit with the woah-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh is slightly more difficult.


Bliss intro - This, along with New Born, is going to be the basis of the harder songs. The sweeping is actually harder with the chords on these songs than others like B&H.


Soaked - Not too hard, and fun.


Ruled By Secrecy - Intro isn't too bad (I don't get any hand cramps like many say, but you may), solo is just chords.


B&H solo - The one everyone goes 'OMG I WANT TO PLAY THAT ITS INSANE' to, and its really easy (comparative to what you think it may be). To learn it, just learn what the 2 chords it revolves around are, and then just practice that sweeping up and down the piano motion. Practice it loads, and then just piece the song together. Not too hard when learnt.


Screenager (live) - With the intros (which is actually the B&H solo and a bit of Rachmaninov), it is fun, but not too hard if you learn the B&H solo beforehand.


Space Dementia - Harder than B&H, but not too bad, again once you've sorted the motion. Outro is insane fun, but easy.


Hoodoo (live) - really atmospheric. The middle bit is the hard bit, but not too bad, again once you get the pattern down.


United States of Eurasia - to play the whole song is quite hard, getting all the chords and rhythm down


Exogenesis Part 2 - One of the hardest piano songs Matt has written. Not too hard in principle (you'll look at it and go 'it sounds harder than it looks'), but to play it without a mistake takes practice.


Piano Thing - I can't play this yet. The pinnacle of Muse piano. Much more impressive than the B&H solo to sit down at a piano and play.

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necrobump woo


As somebody who has been playing for around 7 years, I can safely say that the New Born intro is very easy. I also managed to get Isolated System by ear, that was really easy too. Sunburn is a little tougher, but still not too hard. The Futurism intro isn't too hard either, though it's a bit of a stretch.


As of recently, I've learned Knights of Cydonia and Space Dementia, and I'm in the process of learning B&H.


KoC destroys your left hand, just a warning.

Space Dementia really isn't as hard as everybody makes it out to be, because it feels very natural. You're in a comfortable position throughout the song. Though, that one chromatic part near the middle... ugh.

And B&H... good lord, B&H. I can't play 30 seconds of it yet without breaking my wrist.

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