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In case some of you had not noticed the bracelets and broken guitar are mentioned on Musewiki.org! I think that is awesome!!!! There is no way that it will be forgotten. I hope Muse liked the glowiness!


If you want to see what was written about it, go to musewiki.org, and click the link to the quebec city gig. I think it's pretty great! I am proud to have been a part of it!

Matt didn't break the guitar at Quebec, it just got thrown across the stage just missing Dom :LOL:


He's still using it as far as I'm aware.

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Yea he broke his NEW guitar at Quebec :LOL:


Matt broke his Manson Santa 2.0 (at its first outing) at this gig by throwing it on Dom's drum (hi-hat)


From musewiki...

Muse wiki can be edited by everyone so not everything is true.

The guitar was never broken at the gig and was used 2 days later at Nassau Coliseum and was used for the rest of the USA leg.

The muse wiki page needs to be changed.

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