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  1. Can never be sure here, seen a few people here and there who seem pretty serious business on the board. Sure, all I'm saying is that there was no second date announced in the beginning and since the last two gigs in Montreal and Québec were one nighters... Plus with the paperless tickets that can only be picked up before the show with a credit card and government ID, I was pretty much stuck with them from the beginning no matter what. Anyway, not really angry anymore just highly disappointed about this. Someone who was at the second night said that a lot of people had a huge question mark on their faces during Sunburn and MC. What is this, I don't even...
  2. I saw back in March (Montréal) and October (Québec City) in 2010 and it was just the routine songs
  3. I just don't agree to the whole ''give nothing one night/give two rares the other deal''. I do understand that shows should have a variety of songs since many people go to more than one show. But a lot of people can only go to one, too. When they started the tour, though, it seems like pretty much every one nighter got at least one song from Showbiz?
  4. Sure, let's just defend their questionable way of doing things even though it's clearly unjust for the fans, just because it's alwaaaaaays been this way. Let's not voice our discontentment, it's not like we pay to see the show and it's not like the second night was the same price. Oh wait...
  5. Implying everyone has the necessary funds to go to both shows. And since my tickets were paperless tickets, I doubt anyone would have paid without having the tickets in their hands after the transaction. Plus, the ''stop going to first nights'' is just absurd. Pretty much everyone doesn't want to hear the routine show, right? And not everyone can sell their tickets to go the second night instead, otherwise there would be a handful of people at the first show and 25 000+ people on the second night. And that's impossible seating wise. Why give nothing on the first night and throw in Sunburn + MC on the second? It makes no sense and it's quite disrespectful to the fans who might not have the money for both shows or might not be available on the night of the second show.
  6. Wow. Routine for April 23rd (the show I went to, no Showbiz song) and Sunburn + Micro Cuts on the 24th?! That's like saying to 15 000 paying fans ''Well screw you, you didn't buy your ticket for the right show"... Third time seeing Muse, third time getting only routine while the next show gets Citizen or Cave or Sunburn... Although it was a great show, I kinda feel robbed.
  7. What the shit? On April 23rd, we only got the routine show with no Showbiz song and on the 24th they played Sunburn and Micro Cuts?! This is the third time I see Muse live and the third time I only get the routine stuff, while the next show ''Eh guise! Here's Citizen! Here's Sunburn!". This is kinda starting to piss me off...
  8. Selon le Live Gig Discussion Thread, le setlist de Montpellier est le suivant: 1- Unsustainable 2- Supremacy 3- Interlude + Hysteria (possiblement en rotation pendant la tournée avec MotP) 4- SMBH 5- Resistance 6- Panic Station 7- Animals 8- Explorers 9- Falling Down (en rotation avec d'autres chansons de Showbiz) 10- TIRO 11- Liquid State (en rotation avec Save me) 12- Madness 13- Follow Me 14- Undisclosed Desires 15- PIB (possiblement en rotation avec Bliss) 16- Newborn (possiblement en rotation avec SS) 17- Isolated System (break avant le rappel) 18- Uprising 19- Survival 20- Starlight 21- Knights of Cydonia Photo qui circule présentement: http://sphotos-a.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/551_10151199670564674_1947662823_n.jpg
  9. Hi there! I'm glad you enjoyed the Glow in the dark event in 2010! A lot of hard work but it was well worth it :) Sadly, there will not be another event, at least not by the original organizers. No one expressed the desire to do the project again and I'm not sure I'll be up to it during my semester :/ A member in the Quebec April 26th gig seems to want to organize one for Quebec City but I don't think anyone offered to help yet. I'll probably get myself a few bracelets for the show though ;) Thanks again, it's nice to know the event was appreciated :)

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