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  1. Hi there! I'm glad you enjoyed the Glow in the dark event in 2010! A lot of hard work but it was well worth it :) Sadly, there will not be another event, at least not by the original organizers. No one expressed the desire to do the project again and I'm not sure I'll be up to it during my semester :/ A member in the Quebec April 26th gig seems to want to organize one for Quebec City but I don't think anyone offered to help yet. I'll probably get myself a few bracelets for the show though ;) Thanks again, it's nice to know the event was appreciated :)

  2. Aliss,


    Hi! I remember you from this board for the last show at the Colisee. I will be at the Montreal show this time around and wondered if there were any plans in the works for glow bands. It was fantastic at the Colisee, and I think it would be great at the Centre Bell! let me know if something like that is being planned for Montreal! Woohoo!!!

  3. Hi Tom,


    I'm part of a group of fans who want to surprise Muse for the Quebec show October 21st. Basically we want to give as much glow in the dark bracelets to the fans as we can to show how much we love Muse and also show a certain unity/fellowship between the fans. We were told to contact the promoter, which we did. Exchanged a few emails but they stopped answering us since early june. So we bought the bracelets (5500 of them) and thought we would just give them out outside the venue but now they're saying we need the band's management approval for this and that they won't let us otherwise... I don't really know if you can help us or give us a number we can call or email. Note that we are not selling the bracelets, we are giving it to the fans. You can contact me on the board or at caroline_emond6@hotmail.com Thanks

  4. Tu as juste posté sur ton propre profil lol XD

  5. Helloes Miss Sophie :D

  6. Hi Matt,


    I tried sending this on your Myspace but...well you know :p


    March 10th at the Bell Center was my first Muse show, after being a fan for many years. At the risk of sounding very much cliché, I was left speechless. It was absolutely mind blowing and I can't wait to see you guys again in Québec City, this October.


    Also, I'm really excited about Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever); the 30 seconds I've heard so far sound amazing, it's already stuck in my head. ;) I see that some fans aren't too pleased about this whole Twilight thing but frankly, I'm just delighted to hear some new Muse material!


    Are you familiar with André Mathieu? He was said to be the ''Mozart of Québec'', writing his first musical piece at 3 years old. Rachmaninov even pronounced him a genius. Here's a link to his Piano Concerto #4:

    And his Concerto de Québec:


    I hope you guys are all well and that you will enjoy Québec this fall. Perhaps we'll catch you guys in a bar after the show ;) Take care,


    Caroline (Aliss) -xox-


    P.S: We miss you on Facebook, you should update more often :p

  7. Happy birthday!!! ;)

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